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The Unity in Our Diversity

Updated on December 23, 2009

Unity is Love

I awoke at 8 a.m. this morning, which is most unusual. There hasn't been a morning I have not been awake before 6 a.m. in a long time. And I laid there pondering deep in my heart this concept of unity. One of those deep in thought moments where you are so "moved" that the body doesn't want to respond because you know that when you do physically move that moment will be gone...and I for one, did not want to lose it, but stay in it, and continue that feeling of unity with others.

So..., obviously, I did move :D eventually wanting to share these thoughts with you and the world. As my human business ego started "coming back online", it occurred to me that this would be a great "Tidbit for the Road"* hub. I hope you do not mind, I will try my best to not lose the love that I feel, I so want to share some of it ! It will be interesting to see how this "deeper sense of unity" translates from that "higher spiritual" state of mind into my human state of mind. Oh dear...already the analysis has kicked in....oh well, where's the love... here it goes...

I recently have been so caught up in aspects of my personal spiritual path and building my business and doing my day to day work, I temporarily forgot that writing was part of it all, and also a very important communication piece for keeping it all balanced between my Soul and my "in the world" life. What has brought it all back into perspective was observance of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving and family, Thanksgiving and togetherness, Thanksgiving and gratitude, etc...all the "things" that Thanksgiving IS and is suppose to be. I was missing terribly, not being able to be with my children and grandchildren because of time and money constraints. I mean, it is not like we have been together every year since forever, or that that has even been a priority through the years, I just always did what I could. Trying to be mature and not wanting to go into a sobbing fit because here upon me was one more "thing" that does not feel good and not knowing quite how to "fix it", I made plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at a large buffet with a few friends.

Snobby little me, I was thinking about spending time with them and comparison starts in my mind..."these women are 10 or more years older than I and have never had children and a family of their own to raise and grow with... how could I possibly have "fun" with them...?" That many of my friends are older is not unusual, but what a snotty thing to think! I mean, it was almost as if I thought I was better than they were and that our differences set us apart from each other. Yuck, I don't recall having ever thought those kinds of things before...I mean, I try to be such a "where's the unity in our diversity" kind of person, open to sharing the different perspectives of love... this mid-life stuff is really getting out of hand !? Who am I, what is becoming of me?

As Thanksgiving day got closer, the Mumbai bombings happened and I couldn't even watch the news about it, did not even want to watch the news about it...I haven't been interested in the news since before the election...I can't stand all the hype and media subversion and "picture painting" of whatever subject they get their hands on. So, I was thinking about my family and how when we do get together they tend to bicker and bitch about this, that or each other or me or just watch movies and get drunk..., geez, what a pain that can be. Why would I even want to spend what precious time I have with them and that crap!

Oh my god, where did that come from !? Throwing my own family into that pot of dregs in my life now !?... I was getting a bit worked up over it all !...where is my centeredness...where is the control I have worked so hard on for the last twenty years... what's going on here??? My analysis has always worked so well to keep me on track...this was not funny anymore.

So, I went out to spend money on my self...oh my god, I am materialistic, now !? No, I told my self, I look nice now, doesn't that make things all better? And surprisingly enough, it did feel better. I have rarely spent time and money on my self through the years, always scrimping and saving to meet the needs of my children, always working hard for no reward and rarely a kind word of encouragement from someone. Geez..., I deserve a little reward !! Resentment, regrets, remorse, reruns...psychological stuff is spewing up, getting out...and I have to purposefully work at letting it go away, for peace to return me to my Self. Thank God, I know life is a spiral, stuff comes around, and you either keep it, fix it, or let it go into oblivion, hopefully never to rear its ugly head again.

Now, this may seem like a simple matter to some of you, but believe me, it is no simple matter for me. People go through this mid-life stuff everyday, don't they? But this is soooo personal... I am, I am..., I am becoming a "new me" is like taking apart my puzzle of self of all the years I worked so hard to create and put together...separating all the pieces and putting them back in the box...and then shaking them up and dropping them out on the table again!

...And somehow the picture on the pieces has changed and the puzzle can be put back together in a whole new light, in a whole new picture, with all new colors and shapes...and an all new time and space to live within! I can put it back together, IN ANY WAY I WANT, any way I want..., I..., I..., I want! Scary, yet great! Wow, I really feel that one in my gut! My solar plexus is very uncomfortable, but I don't want to eat to make it better...a nice cup of hot tea, isn't doing it...I want...I want...geez, that's the big Q now!? What the &@^#%$ do I want now? What is love, in unity, now ?

Love is Unity

After a long pause, a cup o tea and a piece of quiche...Oh, I want to speak so eloquently, sound so wise and mature writing this, but it just doesn't come, I can not do anything but be me, however that comes out!

Our conversation was good, uplifting even. We talked about the relatedness of sciences, religions and philosophies, the meeting of East and West, and what the future is bringing to our awareness. We talked about our years of youth and family memories. We quietly ate and smiled at each other, and smiled with gratitude within ourselves. The buffet was beautiful, brass finished serving ware and platters, a proud, smiling young man carving and serving turkey and stuffing and cranberry jelly, smiling hostesses and waitresses meeting our every need, giving up their day of Thanksgivinig for us (or so it seemed, I know they have families to feed too), we thanked them for that and our waitress said her and her family had Thanksgiving the previous weekend and that it was good..., steaming hot rolls and decadent chocolate cake, fluffy pumpkin pie with mounds of real whipped cream...and permeating and creating the entire scene, was live harp music in our sun-light filled, wide open, glassed in "sanctuary" of sharing food. Tables of families and friends sharing life, sharing each other. Solace amidst the chaos of the world.

Another pause...

No, the chaos hasn't gone away within or without, but I feel an ability now, that I wasn't so aware of before (if I even had it before); that I can BE unity in love, that I can BE helpful and sharing in bringing a positive outlook for the future, that what I do in my life does matter, I do make a difference while bringing my own portion of the diversity into unity with others...because I do believe that I am a part of something much bigger than my self...I can not change others, only myself, and pray that my personal change will affect others as I beleive it Soul is alive as One in others, I AM Grateful.

I want to share a song that has been going through my mind frequently since Thanksgiving:

A Song to Alpha and Omega

This is my Father's world, and to my list'ning ears

All nature sings and round me rings, the music of the spheres.

This is my Mother's world, I rest me in the thought,

Of rock and trees, of skies and seas, their hands the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world, the birds their carols raise,

The morning light, the lily white, declare their Maker's praise.

This is my Mother's world, they shine in all that's fair,

In rustling grass I hear them pass, they speak to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world, O let me ne'er forget,

That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.

This is my Mother's world, why should my heart be sad?

The Lord is King-let the heavens ring, God reigns-let earth be glad!

sung to the old hymn tune "Terra Beata" by Franklin L. Sheppar

(I think we should add ability to present music clips to our hubs...has that been done yet?)

"Tidbits for the Road" is a continuing series (with its foundations in my business of Holisitic Lifestyle Planning); my life of personifying the path of the Soul as she walks through Life on earth. In that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, our soul has the need to raise her senses out of the mundane and into the sense of being Divine; to keep us feeling sacred, and that Life has purpose. I believe the purpose of Life is to fulfill our Divine Plan/Mission, acquire the belief of Oneness with Creator and gradually Ascend to that state of consciousness. That is why there is a calendar of specific Holy Days in the various religions and "rules" in the philosophies, to create habit patterns for the soul to follow, to make it through the earthly realms. It is interesting how that translates throughout the various individual belief systems. I continue to enjoy learning to understand them and the unity in the diversity.

Many Blessings to You All,


Gratitude is the Attitude

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