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The Vagina Spa! What You Should Know about Chai-Yok

Updated on December 2, 2014

Also known as chai-yok in Korea and Bajos in South America, V-Steaming (we’ll use that term for this hub here on out) has been around for centuries, and has increased in popularity over recent years. Spas are popping up everywhere in the Western world to join in on the latest health trend, and women aren’t hesitating to try it.

Source: Flickr, Kath Walker
Source: Flickr, Kath Walker | Source

A Detox Facial…for the Vajay-jay

Even though our bodies clean themselves naturally, the female anatomy is a lot more complex and has a lot going on in terms of function and stability. More familiar and traditional forms have been used by most women over the years to maintain health of the vaginal area, but lo and behold, another option is presented. A steam bath/facial for the vaginal area that has claims to improve the functioning of the lady parts along with other specified benefits:

  • Heal hemorrhoids
  • Improve menstrual cycles
  • Increase or improve fertility
  • Treat bladder infections
  • Excite hormones
  • Help heal scarring from childbirth or other procedures such as hysterectomy

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So how does V-steam work?

Generally, it is advised that a woman waits one to two days after her period ends to have the procedure. It also warns pregnant women against getting a V-steam. If there are no other medical conditions of concern, a typical procedure consists of certain herbs that are included in the steaming, such as rosemary, marshmallow root, basil, calendula, mugwort and oregano. The woman sits in a slotted chair on top of a steaming bowl of herbal blends for approximately 30 minutes. No underwear can be worn, of course and a long gown is necessary to cover your body as you sit on the chair and to keep the steam intact. Spas generally provide you with a special robe to cover your body and to keep the steam in direct contact with your body.

There are sessions that could be longer and the procedure can even be done at home. If you don’t have a long gown, a towel or a blanket can be used to cover your lower body. You can use an old chair (preferably wood) and cut a hole in the center of the seat. Take a stainless steel bowl and fill it with one gallon of boiling water. You can add a vaginal herbal blend to the water and let it boil for about 10 minutes before letting it steep off for 5 minutes. Before placing the bowl under the chair, the steam should be tested first to make sure its not too hot as the genital area is very sensitive to heat.

Herbs Used in V-Steams

Claimed Benefits
Cramps, irregular cycles
Marshmallow Root
Bladder problems, urinary track inflammation
Increases sexual desire, stimulates sweat
Heals hemmoroids
Promotes menstrual flow

Additional Info and Precautionary Measures

As with any other health fad, discuss with a physician before proceeding with this type of treatment. There’s not a lot of research on as it is fairly new in the Western part of the world. Again, consult with a physician before doing a V-steam.

To get the most out of a V-steam:

  • Give yourself an abdominal massage during the session. This can help cleanse out the vaginal area and help the steam penetrate the area more.
  • If all health issues have been cleared by a physician, V-steams can be beneficial as the steamed herbs maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina. Store brought products such as douches can disrupt the pH balance which can lead to irritation.
  • Reminder – the best time to do a V-steam is a couple of days after your period. Do not do it during menstruation or if you’re pregnant.
  • Make sure organic products are used. The last thing you want is to have your girl parts exposed to toxins and pesticides that can eventually enter your bloodstream

Here are some other precautions:

  • Do not use essential oils during a V-steam as they are highly concentrated and can become dangerous if used in such a sensitive area.
  • Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the herbs being used

As more and more people look to more “natural” or holistic ways of medicine, precautions should always be taken. Also, conducting as much research as possible should be move made without hesitation. There are stories of women trying this procedure, but again, little to no research has been done to see if there are any side effects of V-steam. Whether or not you choose to get a V-steam, its best to know as much about it as possible.

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Source: Flickr, Marcin Wichary
Source: Flickr, Marcin Wichary | Source


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A day at the spa just got even more interesting.
A day at the spa just got even more interesting. | Source

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