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Yoga for Men

Updated on November 23, 2010

Yoga for Men

While we know that men are usually less flexible then most women. That doesn't mean that there isn't a way for them to also enjoy the benefits of Yoga. Some say that they enjoy it because they have the ability to be more flexible, improve their strength and it also helps to relieve stress.

With what is going on in the economy and no jobs, we all need to resort to something that will help with stress relief and Yoga is a great remedy. In all actuality men were the original partakers of Yoga. While you may be sitting there thinking 'yeah, right? a man is not that flexible to do Yoga, it doesn't seem like it is a way of exercise for men.'

Well I beg to differ because Yoga actually causes men to be more flexible. Not to mention it requires mainly upper body strength, so needless to say men would be consider more 'fit' for this form of exercise.

You just wouldn't imagine that a man would flex like many of the Yoga positions require, but they do. Ever see any of the Van Damme movies? Sure you have and he is pretty flexible. Well this works the same way with Yoga for anyone.

In fact many of the military personnel and even football players benefit from Yoga. This is good because in many cases they need to be flexible in everyday football practice and military combat duties as well. Not to mention the stress of the game and self preparation before the game. A good Yoga session may just be in thier best interest. This enables them to be in balance, flexible and even mentally in tuned with what is going on around them. It relieves stress and worry from things in life.

Gifts for Yoga Men

If that man in your life loves to Yoga, there are many different ideas in gifts for him. We all know that men are the hardest people to shop for, right? There are several things that you can purchase that will surely bring a smile to his face. First of all there is the new Wii Fit fitness game, by Nintendo. This is a game that allows you and a partner to enjoy different Yoga poses.

Then of course there is a skidless towel that you can also purchase for him as well. We all know that a man can sweat and especially when he is exercising. That is why it is good to get him something to where he can relax and not worry about shifting his position while engaged in Yoga.

There are also a variety of comfortable clothing that you could consider as a gift for your Yoganian. There are form fitting shorts that are actually comfortable and make it easy to be flexible while he is practicing Yoga.

Okay so it is still hard for you to see that men are also into Yoga. Yeah I know, we have all been there. It is called stereotyping. Men automatically think of ballet? Perhaps! Or they may think that they aren't flexible enough.

This is not what one teacher thinks. In fact he says that 30-50% of the people that is in his class are in fact men. That is definitely something to ponder consider the stereotypes, right?

Men have resorted to Yoga to become more in tune with their self and the surroundings. They are able to focus upon what's inside so that they can become a better person in society.

Yoga does many things for woman as well as men. It enables them to have total and complete balance with their body. Not to mention, it also enables them to strengthen weaknesses that they feel within their body. Not only this it also helps you to recognize your weaknesses as well as combat them to your fullest ability. It enables your body to totally become balanced as well as your mind and total well being, all the way around.

There are many benefits to Yoga for men. Once you (men) get passed the fact that the 'normal' community thinks that you are a male ballerina (which of course there are male ballerinas), you will realize that you will come to enjoy all of the benefits of practicing Yoga. You will definitely reap the benefits that you never knew that you could posses.

Yoga - Lying exercises

Still not convinced huh?

Well let's break it down. There are so many stresses that life brings us and now and days we tend to try and overcome these with medications? Why?? All this does for the most part is causes our bodies to become more dependent on these medications. Not to mention there is also the fact that our immune system can be weakened. That is definitely one way that you can look at it and reconsider your 'not so sure' thought process.

Of course you will always want to have a trainer. Yoga is very precise and definitely when you are starting out, it is wise to have an instructor to help you get through the initial process of beginners Yoga. Not to mention, he needs to have a say so in the various poses. he will also know exactly what is best for you.

Of all of the variations in Yoga, men will always be considered the one that should not be allowed to follow such 'feminine' practices. They may even sound kiddish such as when the instructor on the movie Karate Kid was teaching him how to follow through with his karate stances by using 'waxing a car' as the example. What did that teach him though?

Okay so get the picture. Men have a place in Yoga just as much (if not more) then women. There will always be stereotypes, but we all know that there is something that will definitely come out good in all of it. Meditation on the Lord while practicing Yoga is also a great way to not only be in tune with yourself but also with your creator. We are not gods, so being in tune with Him while balancing your being will definitely be a wonderful experience.


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