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The art of self healing

Updated on August 11, 2011
Live strong by your choice
Live strong by your choice | Source

The Art of Self Healing

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t feel up to par nothing ever goes right? The simplest of chores become difficult and hard to perform.

As a young man I never saw it coming, illness and old age mixed together to make a soup of problems for one’s self that don’t make sense anymore. When you begin to pile up all those little problems eventually there is no reaching the top of the pile. That’s when a break down is inedible to happen.

Years and years of performing a task becomes difficult and strange to you in some ways. I don’t think you are forgetting all your training, I feel as though you are so overwhelmed by the relentless illness that has robbed you of just caring.

I can’t tell you how great it feels to have climbed the mountain of recovery that everyone feels after an illness. It’s the stumbling you get when you’re so close to the top you can smell it. As a human we are all tested and some of us are willing to be tested again. Endurance is an important part of life, separating athletes, business men, school teachers and yes even cops and firefighters alike. Some of us lose this during an illness while others seem to excel right through to the top of life.

Some days I feel like I could just lie down and die and others I’m up and full of life and speech. This is not a unique feeling just walk around a nursing home sometime and watch the many different types of people that are simply waiting to die. Then there are others that won’t give up losing a limb or breaking their neck or what have you will not detour this individual from total recovery no matter what.

My friend and partner Bob Carleton had a tragic accident almost three years ago now. Bob fell in his kitchen striking a spray can in the frontal part of his forehead, resulting in his head being thrust back and breaking several vertebrates’. Bob spent around two years in a nursing home in middle Georgia; I guess the powers to be didn’t know who they were messing with. Through sheer determination while unable to move below the neck, Bob tried and tried to get out of bed and self heal. Through the grace of God and the will to live as a man, Bob struggled to get some attention for assistance to please help him try to get up and walk. This process took several months of frustration on his part because everyone just knew he would never walk again. My friend Bob now lives in the apartment next to the gun store and walks over a couple times a day for his exercise then returns home.

The one thing all of us need is hope; this doesn’t come by order of the doctor but from within each of us. The spirit to live when all we have is gone raises another question, what if we lose our job, how do we pay for our house and so on. It’s been my belief that we really aren’t in a lot of control our surrounds anyway, a house can be replaced and if your job lets you go, so what. Follow your heart, hold your head up as high as possible and help those that can’t help themselves. Let’s remember that not all people are or have the fortitude to handle being sick or dealing with others while sick. There is an energy you receive from those you help. A healing process that will stay with you forever as others tell you their problem’s yours become second and this process alone may heal all your troubles.

Family, now there’s a word that so many people see as free labor and see their kids as just objects and not mini me’s. When we work our whole lives away and become ill, who stands up to help us, family.

Everything we do in life is related to each and every other thing we do. The people we touch by our kindness will touch someone else; don’t mistake a kindness from a friend as a weakness.

This blog is dedicated to the many that care and want to live. For those that didn’t have that choice and the few who survive the aftermath of war and carry their head high with all that has happened.


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