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The best revenge is "no revenge".

Updated on May 3, 2015

Forward with life.

Easy answers.

The best revenge is no revenge.

The added saying to that is about Karma dishing out what someone else deserves or hopefully God let's you watch.

I don't care of those that hurt me in the past that Karma gets them or has gotten them.

I am more focused on things I'm doing in my own life.

Before social media we just went with the flow and kept growing and just growing.

Of course in things I do many can see and I have nothing to hide.

It doesn't matter about the past and even if people did hurt me in the past or any guy, I learned to keep focus on the here and now with what is going on my life.

I am content and I can breathe.

People that come to see my life, know I do not live with drama in my life and those that around me can also breathe easily too.

My life doesn't really have much complications in it anymore and I like that.

Sometimes less is better and I learned quite awhile ago, to subtract and only add on with anyone that is going to add to my life and not take away from it.

Going forward is easier than I ever thought.

Advancement in my own life can happen, but I am the one that has to make it happen and no one else.

If you want to become successful in your own life, you need to take steps to ensure your future or if you don't your future is going to basically going to be the same, like how your present is now in which you really want to have a better future in the first place.

If you keep looking to see that other people are happy and it makes you angry deep down inside, there is something wrong with you.

That means you are not happy and thus you have made yourself unhappy because you are literally pissed off because people made their own way and life and became successful in their own way.

I learned (and yes repeating myself) that those that did me wrong, the best thing to do is to move with my own flow and keep going.

Even if the farther future might be at a distance and this is an example in my own life;

I want six pack abs.

Now granted to get the six pack abs it will be in my "farther future" but here and now I focus on the gym and going and working on defining my 6 pack abs with exercise at the gym.

Granted nutrition is a big part too, but in the present at least i am taking steps to getting 6 pack abs.

Now, I know people have money there are tons of short cuts to get 6 pack abs, like getting a stomach operation, botox, liposuction and many things, but the hard "continued" work will have to follow to keep 6 pack abs.

I think in what I am doing is building up from the inside out.

Yes, it is continued hard work, but in working hard to get 6 pack abs I am happy to start seeing results after a month.

Granted I do see when I eat some junk food my stomach does get a little bit bloated but working it off with working out extra I still once and while can have a fun junk day but have to remember that I can't just consume terrible foods or junk foods all the time because I will never achieve the end results.

So that was just a tiny example of what I am focusing on and need not worry about karma going back and getting others and striking them down.

Of course going even further with getting my inner core stronger, and not just a 6 pack, getting into the best shape I can will help me while working on other things because I need a little bit of strength for things of what I want to do because I have to be more focused in things such as this example "swinging form a helicopter ladder from a helicopter" and knowing that is going to have to have me be at my best.

Granted I do know that I will have to have some sort of harnass attached to me while hanging from the helicopter but I will be dangling from the ladder with no one around me.

The things in my life I may want to do is once again in the "farther future" like swinging from a helicopter, thus I must workout in the present as much as I can so I can be ready in the "farther future" for things like swinging from a helicopter.

So when people keep talking about karma and I'm thinking karma have gotten people in my past, so what? Really so what?

I honestly don't care, because here and now in my life what I see in front of me doesn't matter.

I get to love the things and people that are in my life because everything that evolves in my circle helps to ensure my future is something I never dreamed of.

I am thankful things happened to me in my past because I would have been stuck too like so many people.

I can't thank God and the Universe enough for helping to grab my hand and saying, 'You will someday see the bigger picture".

Well here and now I finally see the big picture.

There is a lot of warmth and the sun will be shining a lot brighter everyday.

How could I not be thankful for everything that has happened and everything that is happening at this very second?

So I say thank you God, thank you Universe.

I am indeed had many blessings that were disguised and I didn't know at times in my life that they actually were.

So everyday I am very thankful.

I will just keep going forward and never have to look back because I rather look up to see the sun which shines down upon me than to look back and only see shadows.

Life is golden, no need for revenge.

Happiness is satisfaction that comes when your life is golden.

I most certainly will always want to stay that way.


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  • Shelly Nun-Chucks profile image

    Shelly NunChucks Ninja 3 years ago from worldwide

    You are correct Lori P.

    Going forward with our lives is the best :)

  • Lori P. profile image

    Lori Phillips 3 years ago from Southern California USA

    "Living well is the best revenge." And one cannot live well if focused on seeking revenge or holding in grudges.