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The circle of fitness

Updated on July 4, 2016

When you decide to get in shape more than likely you have decided what muscle you’re going to work on then start working that muscle group not realizing that if you work other parts of your body you’ll get the best results for your fitness goals. Developing one part of your body allows you to work other parts of your body allowing you to get the best results possible. For example, if you want to develop your booty and make look more appealing just working legs isn’t going to get you the best possible results. Here’s how working other parts of your body will get you closer to your ideal image.


You work your legs in various ways such as, doing cardio, squats, or lunges in order to turn your belly into abs or to develop a more appealing booty. Make no mistake at some point constantly jogging and squatting will you begin to see the fruits of your labor, but eventually your body to peak and you’ll stop seeing any types of gains for a while. This is due to the fact that you’re constantly working your legs not really giving them a proper amount of time to recover. It’s best to let your legs rest and work another muscle group even though your goal is to develop a nice booty or abs. Why you ask? Well because your leg muscles come with great benefits, one being that it will help you build upper body strength. Still don’t see where this is going? Let’s say you want a more appealing booty; well you couldn’t do that if you have a weak back giving you poor posture. So let’s leave the legs along for a second and move on to the back.


The back muscle is very important; it’s one of the main reason that all of your hard work didn’t pay off like you hoped for. Like mentioned earlier, a weak back gives you poor posture making it hard to show off your booty gains, because people will be too distracted by the small hump in your back. A strong back improves posture making your booty very noticeable as you’re walking by leaving everyone in aww (as in amazement). But what if you’re trying to get your abs to come in? well that’s where the lower back comes in; the lower helps prevent imbalance in your core as well as prevent back pain. Many people figure that they should just focus on the abs more than the lower back. It doesn’t make sense to work the front without working the back does it? Speaking of front, let’s move on to the chest.

Note: There is more to fitness than just focusing on glory muscles; there’s the wrong way and there is the right way.


This is by far the most neglected part of the body for women; is probably due to the fact some women believe that working your chest will make your breast smaller. The truth is that working your chest actually contributes to the overall fitness goal. As stated in the beginning, you need good posture for a more appealing booty; well working just the upper back isn’t going to cut it. If you work the back, you have to work the front. Ignoring your chest muscles will give you an appearance of a boney chest. Also working your chest won’t make your breast grow, shrink, or become firm, but it will make them a lift giving you a noticeable cleavage. Another to note is that your chest muscles do burn fat faster.


The shoulders help in enhancing your body frame as well as posture. They also help in strengthening your arm muscles if you have trouble working your arms. This allows you to look even more stunning a sleeveless dress, a spaghetti strap dress, or your wedding dress. Working the shoulders improves strength allowing you to lift more to develop the other muscles in your body. By now you should see how important it is to work other muscle groups even if you have one specific muscle group in mind; whether it’s your booty, abs, or arms, it’s important to have a full body workout to maximum results. But wait a second, there is one more thing you have to keep in mind and that’s the diet.

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Proper diet

Now dieting is just as important as working out; if not taken serious it can ruin your chance at reaching your fitness goals. When you hear the word diet you may think of starving yourself or eating less a day, but that is furthest from the truth; Be sure to eat balanced portions of meals though out the day; skipping meals is not going to get you there. Also make sure your eating a well balance diet, this includes your protein to help refuel your muscles after a workout. Foods such as lean meat, eggs and whey protein should do the trick. Carbohydrate is the body main fuel source and should be included in your diet (also it helps you stay full longer). Foods such as whole grain is loaded with carbs; a moderate amount is just fine. Your fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals which is necessary for everyday body functions not to mention the ones that has tones of water in them like celery and watermelon will reduce appetite (they also promote a healthy digestive system due to the amount of fiber found in them). Last but not least, don’t forget to include your fat in your diet. When it comes dieting some people tend to cut out the fat in their diet. Fat is important for recovery and hormone production; a great source of fat would be fatty fish like salmons, nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

Now you can see how when working your whole body together you can reach your fitness goals even if it was to develop your little booty or the flatten out you belly; it’s important to take your whole body into consideration when exercising not just the glory muscles. So the next time you see yourself spending your whole workout session running on a treadmill just remember it can’t be done alone.


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    • nnms profile image

      Seiboi Misao 22 months ago from India

      Waist is also one crucial area apart from the ones mentioned in this beautiful hub.