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The File of the Displaced: The Return After "Corona" Is Inevitable

Updated on March 27, 2020
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Corona's controversial threat has revived the Syrian displacement in Lebanon. With the exception of the boredom in bidding campaigns after Syria decided to close the border, no one seems to be taking advantage of the circumstance to put solutions on the table

So far, it appears that none of those infected with the Corona virus on Lebanese soil has a Syrian nationality, whether he is a displaced person or an old resident. This important information, which comes from a relevant security source, and from an official international source, is not detailed in the country of "tales", which is spoken of hatred, based on all forms of discrimination and racism.

Those who indulged with the registration of the first injury in the country by aiming at a group of Lebanese as a carrier of the infection, and who threw out the accusation of "Corona" on the basis of sect, would have fueled their misfortune, that a Syrian displaced person would be infected with the epidemic, so that the list of specifications of the "stranger" would have increased, a new dangerous characteristic.

Perhaps the announcement by the Syrian government at the beginning of the week to close the border crossings in the country, and with Lebanon, even in the face of the Syrians, also constituted an incentive for a handful of opportunists, to target Syria itself and bid on its stance towards the return of the displaced to it. It is true that the events are finally breathing in Lebanon and the world, but the time that has passed has not erased (nor erased) the series of positions, circumstances and roles that Lebanese and international actors have played in creating and fueling the Syrian refugee crisis in the world, and in Lebanon in particular, for purely political and demographic goals.

In March 2020, Wehbe Katicha (model not the person), he was ungifted in March 2011. Al-Akari, a member of parliament, welcomed the Syrian refugees and invited them to rebel against their state and take refuge in Lebanon, and promised them the good ness of the United Nations and the hospitality of the acclaimed Lebanese Forces Party, and defended Al-Nusra, ISIS and the rest of the gang. The new Katicha objects to the decision of the "dictatorial regime that does not want their return", in order to maintain hostility to Syria, but with the change of direction of the use of the file, from welcome to indignation.

Walid Jumblatt (the person and the unique model), in March and April 2005, is Walid Jumblatt in March 2012, and Walid Jumblatt himself in March 2020, but with completely contradictory positions and actions, so that the style changes and does not negate the essence. And here is the advantage, of course.

We are revenging Syria, and some of his partisans committed Syrian workers in 2005, along with their colleagues in the Future Movement, who were distressed by the death of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. And stores in Syria in 2012, he carried the Syrian asylum brigade leaping from an embassy to a consulate in the context of his war against the "regime". He even established the limit on those who were not displaced from his supposed cousins ​​in the endosperm! As for the fear, the one who closes his party today and the municipalities to whom he belongs is the outlets of their regions and their lowness so that the Corona will not raid them while "sneezing", in line with the government's decisions and the plan to contain the epidemic, but with a focus, emphasis, and incitement to prevent "infiltration" of Syrians to the mountain.

There are many samples of the Syrian refugee speech in Lebanon, in its two parts, racist (in general) and exploitative (March 14 in particular), and the behavior of parties, personalities, municipalities and individuals recently, in combining the fear of the epidemic with the necessities to contain it and prevent its spread, and the nodes that Corona nourished from genetic sorting Identities of all kinds.

This transformation is not limited to the doctrine of the instigators and exploiters spread in most of the Lebanese sects, but has turned with Corona into an excellent European advantage, which is pouring down with every statement and announcement of closing the borders in the face of the refugees. Here is Angela Merkel, who has folded the asylum policies pursued by the Christian Democrats government in the past ten years inside Germany and in Syria and elsewhere, creating an internal conflict from which blood will explode, with Nazi groups' attacks on "eastern" immigrants in the past two weeks against the background of Corona, and expected counter-violence . Those who preach their people to death, and suggest to their young people to say goodbye to their gray hair, are not expected to take care of the lives of the refugees. But it is less expected from now on that they will stop giving advice and preaching about human rights and the values ​​from which nothing was applied throughout the ongoing process of colonialism. All this blackness opens up prospects for a solution to the Syrian displacement in Lebanon. There were “controversial” options in the past, but today they are a must.

In fact, the Syrian government's closure of the border with Lebanon is an interim measure that quickly ends if the Corona threat ends. Although it is a precedent decision, from any country and from Syria in particular, but the Syrians have their justifications, as Ambassador Ali Abdel Karim Ali asserts, due to the blockade imposed on Syria that prevents it from importing medical equipment to compensate for the losses that its health system and its human and technical capacity suffered during the war. Ali says, "With its sensitive situation, Syria has taken the right measures to prevent the danger for the displaced in Lebanon and for the Syrians at home," asserting that "the procedure will change quickly if conditions change, and Syria has not and will not abandon its citizens, and it calls on them to return since the beginning of the war."

Strangely enough, no one in the Lebanese government has reviewed Syria about its decision. Moreover, no one in the Lebanese state responded to the letter of the Syrian ambassador in which he asked about the reason for declaring Syria among the countries from which it is prohibited to move to Lebanon, before any injury was discovered in it.

The recent events and the repercussions of the spread of the Corona virus on the western world will have a direct impact on changing the attitudes of these countries from many issues, most notably refugees, and their ability to interfere in this matter or influence its decision. Lebanese who are betting on the Western “soul” in managing the file of the displaced, disastrous, and have previously identified themselves with European and American policies, should not be surprised when Westerners are absent from hearing. Here is France and America withdrawing their soldiers from Iraq, indulging with others in the battles to control Corona and pumping huge sums to save their economies, thus depriving international organizations operating in Lebanon and others in the future of any support, which is currently suffering from budget cuts.

On the other hand, the Russian initiative to return the displaced Syrians (diminish it and fought it against some, and “spoofed” by some others), which is accompanied by radical shifts in the Russian and Chinese roles in Europe and our region, the only appropriate international mechanism, if anyone is thinking about an effective and effective solution. Of the displacement crisis, with the first opportunity to recede the new epidemic threat.

The Syrian ambassador did not receive an answer to his letter regarding the reasons that prompted Lebanon to close the borders with Syria

However, to initiate a solution, the government requires a different behavior to cover the head under the sand, in the issue of displacement. Are there still those who fear anger that might come from Washington, in the event of coordination with the Syrian government at a minimum, regarding the Syrians in Lebanon? Why did no one ask Syria about the decision to close its borders on its citizens? Doesn't the Lebanese state consider it a threat? The Syrian decision provided a political and diplomatic way out for the Lebanese government to open a loophole in the wall of the fragile official relations between the two countries, as a matter of protest, and nobody caught it except for a handful of bidders.

The crisis of the IDPs in Lebanon has grown with the economic meltdown, and will grow with Corona and beyond. Thousands of Syrians, whose work has ceased, and hundreds of thousands of displaced people whose resources are scarce and threatened by the threat of Corona in the tents and the open, they will find themselves facing Lebanese, their work has also stopped, their resources have been scarce, and some of them are controlling the instincts of racism, sectarianism and political agendas. And whoever had the option to return to Syria in the past and did not do, his return today became an imperative, in order to preserve Lebanon and Syria together.

UNHCR and Hezbollah to Counter the Virus In Camps For the Displaced

Since last February, the UNHCR, in cooperation with international organizations, the Lebanese Public Security and the Red Cross, has started to raise awareness in Syrian refugee camps. According to media officer Lisa Abu Khaled, UNHCR has carried out a series of awareness-raising activities in places that refugees go to for services. The organization works to expand the capacity in hospitals for the displaced, to develop procedures for isolation in the camps in the event of cases, and plans to take double measures to ensure isolation and contain the epidemic in the event of casualties among the refugees, and is preparing to cover the cost of hospitalization for the displaced in the event of an injury.

As for the International Red Cross, which focuses its efforts on supporting the Rafic Hariri Hospital to confront Corona, it is according to media official Rona Al-Halabi, who supports the Lebanese Red Cross to take care of the camps for the displaced, and does not directly interfere with the efforts to combat the virus in the camps.

In turn, Hezbollah has prepared, according to a senior official in the Islamic Health Authority, to intervene and assist in the camps for displaced Syrians whenever the need arises, and has allocated medical teams and equipment to respond to any emergency.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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