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The healing routine for mind - Meditation

Updated on May 3, 2013

The technology has axiomatically brought many advantages to mankind. However, the extremities of its comfort zone have drastically changed the life style of mankind. Today, the proportionate usage of mental and physical energy has reached an imbalanced ratio where the usage of physical energy has nearly dropped down to nil. This imbalance has raised many health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, Diabetes etc. Due to less physical activities the metabolism rate and the natural growth of cells and hormones have fallen into an imbalanced ratio that ultimately give result to many unhealthy diseases.

So, suddenly a huge portion of today’s population have become conscious about their unhealthy body, giving rise to the number of health and fitness institutions. Most of the health institutions give more emphasis on physical exercises that only help you to stabilize your metabolism rate and regain a healthy body. It obviously helps you to improve the physical condition of your body but leaves your mind unhealed. In this context meditation is one exercise that not only helps you to strengthen your mind but also provides the ultimate relaxation to every fatigued part of your body both spiritually and physically.

There are different meditation techniques, some need proper guidance from an expert to perform in its most efficient way and some are too simple to be followed in every day life. The history of meditation concept somehow makes it relevant to religious theories, but precisely it wasn't a religious practice but rather a practice to chasten the contaminated emotions of our mind that creates obstacles on the way of our optimistic perspective of life. It has been proven that too much stress in our mind stimulates the growth of cortisol hormones in our body that make our body prone to many unhealthy diseases. Meditation not only helps to extirpate such stress from the body but also builds a spiritual network between you and your inner conscience that helps you to grow self belief in you.

The most effective way to learn meditation is by following the rules of Yoga.Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word which means “Union”. It implies the techniques of breathing, posturing, movement and meditation of the body in such a way that it creates a perfect balance between the mind and the body and brings the spiritual awareness.

It is one of the oldest known exercises which are still followed because of its miraculous results to achieve the state of healthy mind and body. In ancient period, yoga was practiced to overcome the physical needs of the body and to take it to a state of meditation, where the body gains the perseverance power to remain in the same state for a long period of time.

Therefore, yoga has deeper definition than merely conceptualizing it within the limit of flexible body, young age and breathing capabilities.

The ancient Yoga

Though yoga is considered to be the oldest known form of physical exercise, its saga still continues to deliver the best results of its traditional richness. A better understanding of its ancient richness can be an additional advantage to implement its enchanting results in your daily life.

The origination of yoga takes us back to the ancient India where it was considered to be a path to achieve the spiritual enlightenment. It is closely associated with the practice of Induism based on the significant scripture of Hinduism, the Upanishads. Though the Upanishads describes the principles that primarily show its relevance with Hinduism, It cannot be directly related to Yoga. However, the name has its close association with Induism merely because of its relevance to Indus valley civilization.

According to the principles of Hinduism the chastened form of human is derived when the transitory self and the unending self combine with each other. This form of human body has its utmost sacred form and thus its divinity is god, which can be found in every single things of the world including human beings. The methods of yoga clearly defines the lack of knowledge and removes the materialistic curtain to reach the mind to it most meditative form to realize the existence of god in the human body.

As yoga is psychosomatic type of workout that increases the sensuality to feel the energy in you it has some relation to religious belief either. One form of it is to identify and enliven the loops within your body that has the biophysical and metaphysical force in it. One such point is the Kundalini which stimulates all such locations called the chakras to discharge such energy to the body by the correct way of meditation. Yoga helps you achieve such chastened form of soul and spirit.

So ultimately, Meditation comprises of all the benefits relevant to spiritual, physical, and mental consciousness of the body that can be conceptualized even with religion to prove its divine effect on the body and mind. Unlike other high intensity exercise techniques, it is the easiest way to lead not only a healthy life but also a positive life that will enhance your thoughts and visions in more divine and chastened way. In other words it is a perfect exercise for your mind and soul to stimulate the creative visionary perspective of life.


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