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Why indulging in me time and self indulgence is important. The importance to treat yourself.

Updated on March 5, 2013

A little me time, goes a long way.

I am firm believer in the importance of being good to yourself and I shamelessly indulge in me time regularly. I also notice that it does not take long, before I start to notice the strain on my body and mind, If I have not put this time for myself aside.

Without some all important me time, for relaxation and recuperation. I soon find myself feeling stressed, tired and completely zapped of energy. I am not any where near feeling my best and on occasions have actually been ill. All as a result of pushing myself too far and not giving myself the necessary time out.

Studies show, that spending as little as just 15 minutes a day investing in yourself and your personal well being, is hugely beneficial. Quarter of an hour, that's all, hopefully we call all manage to find that.

What are the benefits?

Relieve stress. When we are doing the thing's we enjoy, our body releases endorphins and in turn helps our body to deal with the detrimental effects of stress.

Improve concentration. When we are relaxing and unwinding, we breath differently, most of the time our brains our working hard on Beta waves. By taking in longer deeper breaths, we inhale more oxygen into our bodies and switch our minds to function on Alpha waves, this helps our body in many way's including improved concentration and focus.

Emotional stability. As well as increased oxygen helping our body to function physically and helping our brain to work mentally, it is also great for us emotionally. We become calmer, better prepared and are able to deal with any problems we may encounter with more ease and take a logical, rational or creative approach to them.

Renew energy. After a well deserved break and some rest your body will be feeling so much better. Your body is a very delicate piece of machinery with limits as with anything overworked and not treated with care will become damaged and worn.

Better night's sleep. When we are overtired and stressed come bed time, it can take an awful long time to get to sleep at night. If you do not get enough sleep at night it can leave you ill prepared for the following day and not as able to deal with every day life as effectively as you would have had given a good nights sleep.


Me time ideas.

So you have decided that you want to indulge in some me time and treat yourself to a well deserved break. However it seems that now you do have this all important time to yourself, you may be wondering what are you going to do with it?

Meditate and day dream.

Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable and quite. Take long, deep, slow breaths and try to clear your mind of thoughts. Concentrate on your breathing, let the world around you drift away and leave your mind to wonder.

Go for a walk.

Being indoors and around various electrical equipment all day, every day means we are bombarded with positive ions, being exposed to so many positive ions is not good for us. To balance this out, go outside, get some good clean fresh air and fill up on those good negative ions. Really look around too, don't see it as a chore and rush it, really enjoy taking in your surrounding's.

Have a good long soak in the bath.

This is one of my absolute personal favourites, a lot of bubbles, candle light and heat. After really indulging in this, you will feel amazing.

Do something creative.

Weather it's making a dream board or drawing a picture, find an activity that inspires you.

Do absolutely nothing.

This is something in my opinion, that is highly underrated. Doing nothing more then sitting around for 5 minutes or half an hour every now and again is good. At first you may feel guilty and find yourself thinking that you should be doing something, however know that you are not being lazy and that you deserve it.


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    • wrenfrost56 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from U.K.

      Thank-you for your comment elisabethkcmo, you should be feeling relaxed in no time.

    • elisabethkcmo profile image


      10 years ago from Just East of Oz

      really enjoyed this hub...

      think I'm going to go take a walk, then meditate in a hot bath while creatively doing nothing..

    • wrenfrost56 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from U.K.

      Thank-you aqua, I think we all need to take a little more time out too and shake the stress away.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This is so true! I think a lot of women are pulled in so many different directions they forget to take time for themselves. This hub is a great reminder of how important that "me time" really is. Thanks!

    • wrenfrost56 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from U.K.

      Go on treat yourself, you deserve it.;)

    • KCC Big Country profile image


      10 years ago from Central Texas

      I think most of us are guilty of not taking enough "me time". I know I am. I think I'll indulge myself today. :)


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