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The lone startick. This bug can make you vegetarian

Updated on August 21, 2018
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My passion is helping people in any way I can. If you don't know where to get help try me. I just might have an answer for you.

If you like your meat, then I'm afraid that you may not even this coming. The Lone Star Ticks are a species of tick that when bitten by them, you could become allergic to red meat. Meats have sugars in them that humans don't. These sugars are called alpha-gal. So when this ticks bites you it gives you an allergic reaction.

You could get the symptoms of fatigue, fever, swollen gands, head ache, muscle pain.

The allergy is treated with oral antibiotics. You may be allergic to meat for three to five years, but it if bitten again; the allergy could last much longer.

The symptoms usually appear within 30 days of being bitten which is why it was unknown where the allergy originated.

Your bodies immune system builds up antibodies to fight of the allergy therefore causing you to have an allergic reaction to meat.

Talk about a mascot for PETA!

the lone star tick

The tick has distinguishing marks on his body, it has black spots on his back, with a yellow circle in the middle. The back seems to be almost flat as to be caved in. Though ticks are so tiny, you may never see the critter coming to steal away your cannibalism.

The adult female is about half the size of a dime. While the male has different features.

The Lone Star Tick. Yes we Texans love our backyard yard grub, and those of us who love meat do not want to be the only one at the barbecue eating a meal fit for a king. (Rabbit that is)

These ticks are found throughout the Eastern, South Eastern, south central States.

Amblyonum Americanum is another name for this tick

You can find more information on this little critter and watch the video at:

more on the lone star tick

The Lonestar Tick bite

If you were bitten by this bug, would you

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There are many tick diseases that have similar symptoms. Fevers, chills, aches, pains, rashes ect. The best way to prevent tick bites are repellents. Try and avoid brushy areas.

identifying marks

The Lone Star Tick is dark brown with black spots on his back. He has a yellow circle in the middle of his back. And if you look closely, the back is also flat as to be a little sunken in.

Left to right, nymph, female, male

Removing a Tick

Take tweezers and grab as close to your skin as possible. Pull straight up with steady hands. If you twist or jerk you could get the teeth stuck in your skin. If so try and remove them. If this can't be done, let the skin heal.

Be sure and thoroughly wash your hands afterwards.

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