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GINGER: Naturally Powerful

Updated on June 6, 2015

Ginger on my Body

Sometime in 2008, I was offered to buy a Spa privilege card. Thinking that I needed that for relaxation, I grabbed one. Together with my friends, I went to try out one of their fabulous offers. I chose the tightening Body Wrap. It was actually recommended for me by the masseuse since I was working my way to bring back the firmness of my body. I was given a body scrub with massage before the primary ingredient for my wrap was was no other than the Ginger. It was very warm on skin but on other parts, I felt it was hot. I was told it was normal since it works out on the most stressed part of my body. From that day on, I learned about the other uses of ginger.  


Ginger or Luya in Filipino is popular and said to be widely cultivated in the Philippines. Commonly found in market stalls and grocery stores, it is usually used as a condiment in Filipino cuisines. It takes away the fishy smell of seafood dishes or even from the chicken that is why it is used in a famous Tinola dish. There is also the native beverage made of ginger known as salabat, done by boiling the peeled and mashed ginger, then adding a bit of sugar or honey to taste. It is perfectly served on cold nights as an alternative to coffee. Nowadays, salabat can be made instantly since powdered ginger is already available in groceries. Lozenges and ginger candies are now being distributed nationwide and in some countries.

Health Benefits

Ginger or Luya is also known as a medicinal plant in the Philippines. It is said to have a lot of health benefits. Folks said it helps in clearing out the throat and the best way to cure sore throat or hoarseness is to drink a cup of salabat (ginger tea) or chew a piece of rhizome. It also used as a remedy for cough, aid for digestion and flatulence, headaches and hangovers. Likewise used as antiseptic by preparing some dried rhizomes with 70% alcohol and applying on wounds or cuts. Studies show that ginger can also be used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and has a good effect on some gastrointestinal problems. It has no known side effects. For post pregnancy, it helps in firming the body. As mentioned above, ginger is said to be used in Spas and massage outlets or centers because it helps relieve stress and tighten some areas on the body. Some folks put minced ginger on the belly part of women who just had given birth, then they bind it with the use of cloth. For hair and scalp care, ginger juice is used for hair loss and dandruff control.


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    • profile image

      Jenny 2 years ago

      i also use powdered salabat, its really delicious , and for my health , my sister and my mom also use salabat, and my mom really like it, because she loss 5 or more lbs of her weight. but i want to some questions, my 1 friend told me that powdered salabat have bad side effects for health than the fresh ginger, because she use fresh ginger, she boil it, and put sugar. i want to know if its true or not. think you

    • rhia_alva profile image

      rhia_alva 4 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

      Hi Yuki...sorry about that. I stand corrected. It should be..."ginger is known to be effective and recommended to heal nausea caused by morning sickness however must be taken with caution and must seek a gynecologist's advice first before taking it. Studies show that 1-5 grams of ginger is safe for pregnant woman, provided also that there are no other medications being taken."

    • profile image

      yuki 5 years ago

      how come that ginger is not advisable for pregnant women?