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The mind how it works, (reflecting on memory).

Updated on August 7, 2015

The mind how it works.


The Mind how it works ( reflecting on memory).

The Mind how it works ( reflecting on memory).

We are born.

Yet our parents have to meet.


Hopefully we are made out of love.

Let us pray our future is well planned.

The religion we will practice.

The school we will attend.

If we are focused and funds are available

as well as the university we will attend.

We are conceived into this earth.

given a name.

We inherit our parent’s surname.

We are either a boy or a girl.

We develop a personality, according to our

upbringing and the events and experiences

we go through during early development and teachings from

our elders.

When we are old enough, we have friends.

We eat the food we love.

We go to school.

We go to work.

We cook, eat, relax and sleep in our homes.

‎We all have desires and our hearts are driven by passion.

We fall in love.

Our first kiss.

We get our heart broken.

We all seek to have a Soul mate.

When we are adults we start our own family.


The cycle of life.

We have our own children.

They are given a name and inherit our spouse’s surname.

Our social class determines the quality of life our family

will have.

Our children will get an education.

Build a career.

Earn a living.

Hopefully we will become grandparents to educated

grand children.

Gods Poet Nkosi.

Nkosinathi Ncala.


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