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The miraculous body : Functions, detoxification and nutrition

Updated on July 2, 2014

The body's make up

The body is made up of several systems. included in these are, the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, lymph system, and reproductive system this is just to name a few, you also have several muscles and tendons , glands and cells that complete a host of processes. In the body there are several cells and processes that constructs and makes your body. The body's blood is a unique thing, the blood is made of plasma, cells and platelets. The plasma is the liquid part of the blood and in this liquid there are cells and platelets. Cells that are carried are red blood cells, these cells carry oxygen throughout the body. There are also white blood cells, these little warriors are on the flow looking to fight infections and illnesses. Then you have the platelets well they are for blood clotting. Your body has approximately 3 liters of blood and making up 8 percent of your weight. Cells are joined together in the make-up of your complete body. states your body is made up of a whopping 37 trillion cells. The cells range from skin cells to fighter cells. These cells are the make up of your organs, blood, and every aspect of your body. Your body produces cells for various purposes, they range from carrying oxygen to fighting a illness. We will discuss more on these little bad boys in a moment. Your brain controls all functions, there are glands that send messages and the brain tells the body what to do. This makes me think of a battle, in which the soldiers report back to the chief, allowing the chief to make decisions on how to protect and serve his troops. This is the way I imagine the brain to be, we have glands that tell the brain what the body needs, and the brain signals the body to produce whatever it is. Our body's know more about us than we will ever know .

Nk and T cells preparing to battling a target cell
Nk and T cells preparing to battling a target cell | Source
cell showing the nucleus and walls
cell showing the nucleus and walls | Source
Muscle fibre cell
Muscle fibre cell | Source
smooth muscle cell
smooth muscle cell | Source
cardiac muscle cell
cardiac muscle cell | Source

More on cells : and how the body works

As I said earlier, your body have several trillion cells. According to These cells have a life span from a few hours to a few months. The cells you have "die-off" and regenerate multiple times in a life time. There are several types of cells. These cells, are where your body contains properties for healing . As we were talking earlier, I mentioned how the brain and messenger cells work to heal a body. Here is a little on how that works. You see you have these little immune cells that are on the prowl for, not so healthy cells, these cells are know a NK or NKT cells. Natural killer cells, and Natural killer T-cell. These are different, see the cells that are weakened or sick carry "markers". So these NKT cells goes through the body looking for weakening cells. These weakened cells often times have MHC markers on their surfaces. ( major histo compatibility complex). This alarms the NKT cells into action, alerting the NK cells, NK cells then attack the weakened cell resulting in apoptosis ( cell death). One of the unique factors of the NK cell is that it often time doesn't have to have the MHC markers to attack, like other immune cells. The NK cell can spot a weakened cell before the markers have appeared. These little cells work around the clock, ensuring you are protected. Referencing from clinical trials. Your body has several other cells. There are to many to address in depth but here is a brief run down of a few different types of cells and how they work.

* Skin cells- these little one regenerate rather rapidly. They form a barrier for your organs and the outside world

* Muscle cells- There are 3 different types of muscle cells, skeletal, smooth and cardiac.

* Nerve cells- ( little messengers) Nerve -cells , or neurons are electrically charged cells that transmit information between different parts of the body.

* Stem cells- Self renewing properties. They have the ability to regenerate into many different cells.

* Gametes or sex cells - exist in two varieties in the body, sperm and egg. Formed from the process of meiosis within the testes and ovaries.

Although there are many types of cells they all work together with ever other cell to make the body function.

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Detoxing organs of the body

Your body is miraculous! Your body have the ability to flush out toxins, dead cells and unused products from the body. Your body is in a constant battle, to maintain your health. Your body goes through several different stages to break down and expel harmful products. The liver filters the body fluids, detoxifies chemicals, and metabolizes drugs and pulls out toxins, by creating bile, the liver releases them into a system of elimination , the intestines . Here your body's prepare the toxin to leave the body, either through urine or feces. The kidney's people are born with two kidneys, the kidneys take the blood in to little " pockets" from here it goes through the filtration process. The kidneys then release the toxins, in a concentrated form, and from there they are expelled in the form of urine. The body comes in contact with several different toxins daily. It is important to keep these detoxifying organs working in optimum conditions. They filter and process daily to remove items that may be harmful. You can purchase boxed, prepackaged detox kits for certain organs or you can focus more on a herbal detox these can be found at A juicing fast can promote detoxification in the human body you can find more information on this, . It is important not to detox to fast, this can cause other health issues. Keeping the body free of toxins is a great way to ensure it is function properly. Thus working in perfect synergy to keep the body healthy.

The anatomy of the liver
The anatomy of the liver | Source

With proper nutrition : The body is amazing

In all the wonderful things that the body does it is important to give your body the proper stepping blocks to build and maintain its normal processes. There are recommended guidelines form the federal government at Your body, as it regenerates new cells and new life, requires proper nutrient rich foods and less chemically laced foods. Whole foods give your body the nutrients,vitamins, and minerals needed to maintain and function properly. When not given the proper nutrition, ones body can develop diseases and illnesses due to a suffering immune system. The immune system is a great piece of art as long as it is up to par. If you have not been so healthy, it is fine just start making the daily transitions to allow your body to build immunity and repair the damage done. The body is constantly striving to improve itself. It has a job to perform and does a great job, even in a not so healthy state. Daily nutrition, exercise and detoxification is a proper way to assure your immunity is up to an optimum state. Your body started generating and regenerating the day you were conceived and will continue to do so until it is stricken with disease. In this case it is harder to repair the damage. According to in 2005 133 million American's suffered with chronic disease. That is almost 1 of 2 adults. Diet and nutrition can ward off disease by strengthening the immune system , as your immune system will function optimally it can fight off invaders before they are out of control.

Putting it all together

As you can see the functions of the body all work together to insure health and longevity. The body is an amazing creation. As long as you are close to watch that your body has the proper nutrition in all areas. Nutrients provide the body with what it needs to have a great Army of defenses. With exercise and fresh air it allows the body to expel toxins from the lungs and also the cardio vascular system to improve. According to over 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive system. Did you know that there are more neurons in the small intestine than in the entire spinal cord? Be careful to be prepared for " leaky gut" , According to "Leaky gut syndrome" is said to have symptoms including bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, and aches and pains this is where the intestines can not properly absorb all the nutrients you need if it is leaking out before it can be absorbed. The body, with proper nutrition can repair this also with glutamine. It is important to research natural remedies before racing to the doctor for a synthetic drug , remember this puts added stressors on the liver, weakening it. There are loads of research readily available at, natural and several other natural remedies sites. Your body is equipped with everything it needs to recover from disease and illnesses. If you are eating trash, your body will be weakened and not available to heal. If you focus on nutrition your body will work better and be available for invaders. It could take weeks or even months to repair your body systems to optimum level . But if you stay focused you can eat your way out of disease.

Optimum performance

The best definition I can run across for optimum health comes from and it is stated that optimum health is as follows,


An article in the "American Journal of Health Promotion" by Michael O'Donnell, a consultant and speaker in the health care industry, explains that optimal health is a balance of five areas of health. These areas are emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social health. The concept of optimal health focuses on mental health and healthful relationships, as well as nutrition and exercise.

As I close I want to focus a minute on what optimum health means and how you accomplish the goals that are set forth to improve the body systems, the biggest one being the immune system. Nutrition as we have addressed previously, sleep- this is a big one - your body repairs and restores during your sleep, it is a must to get a minimal of 7 hours of sleep a night and no more than 9 hours. The body when it is sleep deprived, release chemical and stress hormones. These releases are helpful in a time of need, but wreck havoc over a period of continuous exposure. Having beneficial relationships are helpful and laughter releases endorphins, which is a chemical response, that is shown to reduce blood pressure and relieve pain, it has a host of beneficial effects. Exercise is great, outdoors if possible. It works to increase immunity, detoxify, and be beneficial for depression, along with several other benefits. Taking care of your miraculous body will ensure that it takes care of you.


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