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The only way to cook salmon. How to prepare Salmon. Broiling Salmon is an art. How to cook Salmon.

Updated on October 31, 2013

A little prep and prep food. I say use a wooden spoon instead of a baster.

That is a strange Vietnamese sausage wrapped in palm leaves.
That is a strange Vietnamese sausage wrapped in palm leaves. | Source

The way we cook salmon is to love the salmon.

Salmon should be tough, it should be a game fish. If it is whitish it is yuckish and do not buy it. Preparation of Salmon is key. Broiling is the best and most the cooking should be by salt, lime and butter. When I say tough I mean flakey yet with substance.

I am old school. The best salmon I caught, filleted, prepped in a half hour and cooking took ten minutes on a grill or Dutch oven 30 feet from the river I caught it on. But this recipe is for home.

Frozen salmon and shrimp. Get over it! What you eat that you do not catch has or should have been frozen. A fisherman catches a salmon and it must go on ice. If it is any good it came out of a water way, that was frozen along the bank. I say that if you catch a salmon without near frostbite, throw it back.

Soaking in butter, I add a special blend of pepper.

Red Cayenne, Blond or white pepper a little flour and fresh large ground black pepper.
Red Cayenne, Blond or white pepper a little flour and fresh large ground black pepper. | Source

It is good to think of these creatures Into the Wild.

These creatures are beautiful and strong and all that nature has to offer.

A Grizzly bear, a Kodiak bear and a Polar bear all respect and to some extent are alive because of them. I have seen Salmon jump six feet up and ten over in the air. They climb waterfalls in glory and a rainbow of energy. Salmon live in both fresh and salt water. If you eat one with its energy you may get some for yourself.

Cooking is by natural preservative/ehancers with spice.

Garlic Salt over coated for ten minutes at near complete thaw. When the fish is pliable warm just coat both sides with garlic salt to finish the thawing process. Ten minutes is plenty. Then wash the fillet in cold water. Let it set at room temperature for ten more minutes.

(limes and lemons) they are different, Lemons are sweet and limes are bitter. But what we are after is the breakdown through natural acids of a citric nature. But if you take your lime and lemon from a tree directly, push down hard and roll on your counter and even throw it down hard then slice and put it on your Salmon within ten minutes of picking it – Oh My! What you get is a special full nutrient blast. Put that right on your salmon for ten minutes. It is not like grocery store stuff.

Our vitamins and nutrients from the earth are awesome when fresh. A fruit loses 30% of its vivarancy in twenty minutes. Do this as I say and you will find a vigor that you had long forgotten within seconds. Eat Salmon like this every other day for ten, and you will notice a higher level of manliness.

You have it all there, get the fresh french bread and eat up the remnants of ingredients.

A plate that just had, some lemon, peppers, butter and light cheese is just sitting there ---- Duh!
A plate that just had, some lemon, peppers, butter and light cheese is just sitting there ---- Duh! | Source

Wash it off again in ten minutes. The washing gets rid of the overly salted and sourness. Just enough flavor remains, in the fish.

Your salmon is cooked. Not a sushi cook but a natural salt and acid cook. Squeeze it in your fingers it should just mush up.

Let us give it back some texture. Now the butter. I like a good dose of parmesan cheese melted in with my butter. You can do this with straight extra extra chastity type olive oil, no problem but butter is better for textures and a more roasted/fire taste. No extra salt. Heat it up and be ready to baste Although I let the salmon sit in my warm butter for a few minutes as my broiler gets ready. (I don’t use it but a reasonable splash of beer seems appropriate). Just leave out onions or other spice. Salmon does not need it. Our preparation has already gotten rid of any overly fishy smell but allows a certain amount of game fish taste to come through.

Put your salmon on the broiler plate and place in a hot broil. If you are standing there telling lies and pinching your spouse, turn it up over 500. Pull it aside and baste. Play with it and flip it over. You are really just cooking in the butter and giving it the texture only broiling can do for you.

Now quickly squirt some flammable liquor on the broiler plate. Create havoc and rescue your Salmon. Alcohol is the way to go, it is a quick flash and gone. At the same time squeeze your honey and delight in rescuing the evening. The best spice of all is the spice of life.

This salmon fillet will feel like it hurts you. You will look around in guilt. You will at the same time want to gobble it up, and slowly savor it.

With the right ingredients this is the healthiest meal you can eat.

What you have done here is create an atmosphere of good eating. Your diners will be happy eating. And they will be eating one of the finest meals they have ever tasted. But all to the good, they will be helping their bodies, feeding their brain and enlivening their spirit. This is not feel good food, this is “great good” food.

Side dishes

Make it almost finger food. Nuts, Craisins, raisins, grapes and a light salad with mandarin slices and sun dried tomatoes. Fresh French bread with olive oil dip and ------ a hearty red wine.

But feed before, sausage and cheese, maybe even a fondue of Sharpe cheddar. I want your taste buds ready.

I am sorry there must be many questions but my fire place and satiation has brought me to a point of amour. So I must abandon the dishes for the tasty treat of a spouse that I have. If you are already a “Randy” kind of guy or gal go easy here.

Possible side effects

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Happiness and abundance of intelligence
Happiness and abundance of intelligence
Happiness and abundance of intelligence | Source

Now a bit about cleanup. At least get your broiler pan soaking in hot water. Especially if you have skin stuck to it, that stuff is nasty if left alone.

By the time you are done eating your remaining salmon is ready to be wrapped in special clothe or paper towel and place into a paper sack into your refrigerator. Avoid metal bowls, plastic and baggies. All that good stuff in Salmon will make whatever it sets in that way for life. And airtight sealing will create soggy leftovers.

Your leftovers can then be made into a sandwich, appetizers, a Salmon type spread like tuna fish. It can be blended into a pate’, and it almost is tailor made to break up on salads.

Let me tell you something: going back to my paragraph with mention of a hearty wine. Allow me to be so bold as to suggest forgoing the wine. Replace it with a chilled herbal tea with mint, some lemon and honey. Here I suggest peppermint/licorice and dandelion tea plus one third caffeinated tea. Of course you make it all hot and strong and then Ice and chill. Each delicious glass of tea is matched with Straw/black or raspberries in a small bowl. I would not necessarily suggest this with most dishes. The difference here is that the Salmon is going to be so heavenly, you do not want to even dull the senses in your toes.

Hey, have a blast, be careful with the fake fire, and pinching. And remember the Salmon is a symbol of strength and courage but also beauty and devotion.


Did you know that grilling and broiling are the healthiest was to prepare many foods?

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This song reminds me of when my mom would cut me lose form chores. Send me to the creek. And sometimes I catch would enough trout to feed the whole family. And


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