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The secret to lose weight fast

Updated on April 25, 2014

Are you determined to lose weight? If so, how do you intent to do it? There are a lot of ways to lose weight. And you will find most of the tips and tricks in losing weight fast here in the internet. Some will even offer you ebooks to download wherein you have to answer a quick few surveys before you can get your free ebooks in weight loss. We’ll I tell you what? You don’t need those ebooks. While, it is not advisable to rely on fast weight loss, there are still individuals who do it. If you are really interested, then continue reading.

Watch your calorie intake

You may not notice but the amount of calories you eat contributes a lot of factor in your weight gain. Be cautious on your calorie intake and also reduce the amount of food you eat. When I say reduce the food you eat, don’t skip meal, but just reduce your food consumption. Some individuals who are very eager to lose weight fast tend to skip their meal. Starving yourself is not good for your health. You may want to start by keeping things in moderation. Eat only when you are hungry. Too much of something is bad enough as they say.

Reduce food intake

Another way to reduce your food intake is to lessen your sweets and junk food intake. I guess, this is the culprit on weight gain. Eliminate junk foods, you don’t need them that’s why they are called junk. It’s hard to say goodbye to sweets especially if you are a chocolate lover. Let me slice this off…sweet is sugar, sugar is carbohydrate, unused carbohydrate becomes fat…so if you want to lose weight fast, then let it go. Ok, here’s the secret… if your system is used to high sugar, then it will be hard to live without it. So, don’t think about them especially if you are used to having midnight snacks. Truth is, you are not hungry, you are just craving for sugar. but if you defy your cravings,in just 2 weeks, you’ll get through it.

It’s time to exercise

The most basic trick to lose weight yet the hardest to do. There is a bigger challenge here, you should know your metabolism first. If your metabolism is slow, the more you need to exercise. Walking is a simple way of exercising. If you can’t afford to enrol in a fitness centre, then there are other ways to do it. Take the stairs instead of using the elevator, commute, jog, walk around the neighbourhood. Take time to sweat. You need to burn that calories. You will benefit a lot if you exercise and it is one of the fastest way to lose weight so far! But if you exercise yet consume too much calories, then there is no difference. You will not lose weight fast. So discipline is very important when you plan to lose weight.

If you have decided to start with your exercise, I would recommend having some warm up before going through the intense work out. There is a program for weight loss and you will be guided by a trainer if you are enrolled in a fitness centre or you can get a personal trainer if you can afford one. But if you plan to do it on your own, there are other ways to do that. A one hour run a day can make a huge difference. If you are shy and do not want to let people know about your weight lose plan, then you can do it at the comfort of your home. You can go up and down the stair (stair lunges). 30 steps L foot & R foot for 4 cycles. You may also want to consider plyometrics and zumba

Cleansing is good

Another way to lose weight fast is through cleanse. These cleanses, which are commonly used for colon cleanse and weight loss cleanse removes toxins and extra weight or what they term as “waste”from your body. If you are interested in trying this kind of weight lose, be sure to follow the given instructions very carefully. You may want to visit some forums to check out what other are using for their cleansing.

You may be tempted to use diet pills

Some people prefer to take weight loss pills which I am hesitant to recommend. Although this pills may claim that they are effective to some people, we can not assure that this can be effective to you, unless your doctor said so and unless you insist so. But as for my opinion, be this pills be a diet suppressant, herbal pills (with no therapeutic claim) or pills used by celebrities (who by the way are paid endorsers), These are still chemicals. We don’t know the effect it can give to your system.

The mentioned list of fast weight loss may help you achieve your desired body weight. However, you don’t expect to shrink your fats overnight (if that happens, you may be undergoing some health problems). So, be patient, focus on your plan, develop that discipline and determination. Good luck.


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