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Vitamin D

Updated on August 8, 2011

Vitamin D 3 is the kind that our body makes.

For the body to manufactuer vitamin D 3 it needs some sunshine,healthy

liver,intestines,and kidneys.

Otherwise you have to eat vitamin D 3 Rich foods, like salmon,seafood,tuna,or eggs

You should not eat,salmon or other seafood that is farm raised, at least not near shorelines,only in areas of the ocean where the current is fairly constant and the food is, natural to the sea creatures eating it.

As for eggs,keep in mind that chickens are not exclusively vegatarians,they eat insects If they are allowed to such as free range chickens..Corn or other grain are the main food for egg laying Hens in those mega farms.Unfortunately we don't know what else they feed those chickens.It would be nice if they were all required to list on the egg carton what their egg laying Hens are given to eat.

I like buttermilk that has Vitamin D 3 in well as yougert.All Organic is best,without fillers and artificial ingredients of any kind.I am wary when I see desriptions for ingredients like "All Natural flavor" or "Natural Flavor or Flavors added".Monosodiom Glutimate is used as an "All Natural Flavor" in many foods to enhance the Flavor.However ,we as consumers generally have no clue as to what they mean when they say "Natural Flavor".It's one of those legal loopholes you hear so much about these days.If, I see a label that says "All natural strawberry Flavor" or whatever flavor they say was in their product ,it better be true.Of course not many of us could tell the difference.

Unfortunately,a few manufacturer's,bottler's or distributor's cheat the consumer by putting substitute ingredients in their products without labeling them as having these substitutes in them.Some examples putting corn syrup in honey and Maple syrup and not indicating it on their labels.

I know most producers of jams and jellies as well as many pancake syrups put corn syrup in their products,but they clearly put that information on their labels.

The reason I included this information on artifical ingredients in food is, becuse I buy a product for the healthy ingredients it has.So I will read the list of Ingredients just to find out If it has ingredients in it that I don't want as well as what I do.

Don't settle for what appears to be healthy,buy what is healthy. Read the list of ingredients.


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