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The Power of Lemons

Updated on August 27, 2012

Lemons are a gift to nature. They are used to cure symptoms of a sore throat and they provide a sweet and tangy drink for people to enjoy on hot summer days. Lemons have other uses besides the traditional ways of using them. The lemon is a powerful fruit and here is a list of ways that it can be used.

Lemons Help With Warts

Warts are a benign growth on the skin that is caused by a virus. They are common and there are many products on the market for them. For those individuals who are more interested in a natural way to deal with them, there is the option of lemons. According to “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies”, by “rubbing fresh lemon into the wart daily and keeping it moist with a plaster,” this can help in removing a wart.

Lemons for the Liver and Kidneys

The liver, which is one of the largest and solid organs of the body helps the human body to produce bile, it cleans the blood, and produces sugar. The kidneys also aid in cleaning the blood and in removing waste. It is important to keep these organs strong and working properly, and a good way to do that is by drinking lemon water. According to Dr. A.F. Beddoe in the book “Biological Ionization in Human Nutrition,” “all adults and most children should use the lemon water. The purpose of the lemon is to: a. provide a natural strengthening agent to the liver enzymes when they are too dilute. b. The liver can make more enzymes out of fresh lemon juice than any other food element. c. The lemon helps fix oxygen and calciums in the liver because it regulates blood carbohydrate levels which affect the blood oxygen levels.” Lemons cleanse both the liver and kidneys.

Lemons for Acne

Acne is a condition that many young people suffer with in their lives. There are a variety of different remedies on the market to help to relieve these symptoms. Lemons provided a natural way to eliminate the troubles of acne. The process of using lemons for the skin is further explained when it is said, “According to Dr. C. Norman Shealy, neurosurgeon, founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association and author of the book ‘The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies,’ when used topically, lemon juice acts as an exfoliate, working to slough off dead cells and promote skin elasticity and new skin growth. Its astringent qualities can cut through the sebum in greasy skin, and its antibacterial and antiviral properties are thought to stimulate your body's defenses to fight inflammation and infection associated with acne.” Using lemons can be a better solution than utilizing chemical creams.

Lemons in Food

When lemon juice is added to certain foods, it provides a way to keep foods fresh for long periods of time. A good example of lemons and its amazing use is the affect it has on peeled apples and potatoes. After apples and potatoes are exposed to air for long periods of time, they turn brown. When a recipe includes apples for example, the presentation is ruined when this fruit turns brown. Squeezing fresh lemon juice into water and placing the peeled apples into the water for a couple of hours, can keep the apples from turning brown and they can be used later in any recipe.

According to Reader's Digest lemons are also good for keeping lettuce crisp. This is further explained when it is said, “Don’t toss that soggy lettuce into the garbage. With the help of a little lemon juice you can toss it in a salad instead. Add the juice of half a lemon to a bowl of cold water. Then put the soggy lettuce in it and refrigerate for 1 hour.”

Lemons are wondrous in lemonade and in relieving the symptoms of the common cold. There are many other uses for lemons that make it a potent and unbelievable fruit. Take a look at some of it uses above and make lemons a part of your daily routine today.


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    • herip profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from New York

      Thank you Jake and Jennzie for your comments! The benefits from using lemons are unlimited and amazing.

    • JakeFrost profile image

      Jake Frost 

      5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      It's great to know there's so much you can do with just a lemon. Thanks for sharing.

      Good hub!

      ~ Jake

    • jennzie profile image


      5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I didn't know that lemons provided all of these benefits. Informative and interesting hub, voted up.


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