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The costs of drug rehab. How to pay for drug rehab without insurance.

Updated on October 9, 2010

costs of drug rehab

Here is some information about the costs of treatment, how to arrange insurance coverage, and some subsidized or public options.

There a number of drug and alcohol treatment options, but for people with severe addictions histories, for people who have tried and failed with outpatient therapy and for people determined to make a serious commitment to change; the intensive and healing therapy of a residential drug rehab can offer more than any other form of therapeutic involvement.

And although the decision to enter a facility is never taken lightly, even after you decide to get needed help, deciding where and with whom to get treatment presents a whole new set of complications. The options are many, the philosophies of care differ, and the costs of treatment can range from almost free public rehab, to money-is-no object private care.

In an ideal world, all people in need would be eligible for first class care and treatment, but within our current health care system this is not the case; and those people without the means or coverage for the best private facilities will likely struggle with the sizable admissions fees, which can be as much as $20 000 or more per month!


If you have insurance coverage

Ideally you have private insurance coverage that will defray some or all of the costs of your rehab stay, and if so you should find out how much you are eligible for, and find out which treatment centers in your area will work with your insurance provider.

If at all possible, the rehab themselves will deal directly with the insurance company, leaving you free from at least one worry over payment. Do not assume that although you have drug or alcohol rehab coverage, that it will necessarily fund any type of treatment or work at all treatment facilities. It is well worth it to ensure that you will not be left with a sizable bill at the end of coverage.

If you have no insurance coverage, you are left with two options.

You can fund your treatment entirely, or you can look for public treatment options.

Pay your own way...financing

Private rehab stays can cost upwards of $20 000 per month, and for some people, this level of care is simply impossible; but you should be prepared to invest a substantial amount of money in a future of sobriety, and if you can achieve sobriety, that initial treatment investment will be nothing compared to the long term savings from the costs of drugs or alcohol, from better workplace productivity, and from decreased health care expenses.

Many better rehab facilities have programs in place to assist people with lower incomes or without insurance coverage to get the treatment they need. This may mean a substantially reduced total cost of treatment, or this may mean financing and monthly payment plan options for the costs of the rehab.

Your month or more at rehab may cost as much as a small car, and you may be left with monthly payments of a similar magnitude, but if it works, it's always well worth it in the long run.

Public drug rehabs

There are hundreds of state and federally funded drug and alcohol rehab programs in operation, and many of these offer an excellent standard of care. If your income makes you eligible to participate, you may benefit from almost entirely free or free treatment. This can be a great option, but due to funding realities and strong demand, there are some negatives to public treatment.

The first problem is the waiting list, and most facilities operate with a considerable wait time for admission. Since addictions professionals recommend that someone conceding to a need for addictions treatment get help immediately, this is not ideal.

Secondly, because of the wait list and strong demand, the duration of treatment may be shorter, and the intensity of individual therapy with addictions professionals also less.

Anything is better than nothing…but get the best you can

When you decide to get help, realize that you will likely need to contribute a substantial investment into your care, and also realize that the savings of sobriety will more than offset this initial cost over time. Additionally realize that this is ultimately not a matter of dollars-and-cents, but of health and well being; and if you are harming your body, your soul, and your family…you cannot afford to continue with substance abuse.

  1. Invest in the best treatment that you can reasonably afford. If you have insurance coverage, make sure that it applies to any treatment facilities in consideration.

  2. If you cannot meet the payments for private care, ask them about deferred payments or financing, as many facilities do have programs in place for lower income participants.

  3. If you cannot afford any private care, get on a waiting list for public treatment immediately.


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