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Therapeutic Essential Oils for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Allergies

Updated on June 24, 2011

I decided it was time to research Therapeutic Essential Oils for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Allergies while sitting at work today listening to everyone around me cough, hack, sneeze, snort, and blow their noses. To me there is nothing worse than having allergies and sitting in a cubicle with no air circulation and sickness all around you. It is like a ticking time bomb just waiting to happen. While most likely others are just like me and are suffering from the fall grass and tree pollen allergies germs are still germs. And when your immune system is under attack you are subject to catch a germ or virus that someone else has.

Many people that are sick with colds or flu usually claim they only have sinus allergies however, if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer then you know when the allergens are high and which allergens is making you feel bad i.e. ragweed, tree pollen, mold and mildew. True sinus allergies usually last only a few days while the allergen is present and then subsides shortly after the allergen has dissipated.

Normally it does not take long for the individual to bounce back to a wellness state. Personally, I’ve been sneezing and coughing in the morning and totally healthy by the afternoon, if the atmosphere moves the allergen away. However, with colds, flu, and or a severe sinusitis attack the symptoms will last longer, sometimes weeks at a time and 95 percent of the time fever is present. This is when it is time to become cautious and alert to the germs that may be lurking behind.

In the past I have politely sprayed Lysol to keep from catching something more severe from my coworkers.

I know how rude of me. However, everyone laughs because not only do I spray when they are sick, but for their consideration I spray myself if I’m the one who is ill. Of course, this is not too discrete and may have in the past hurt someone’s feelings. But, if you been in that office environment where colds and flu jump from one person to another then you are probably looking for an alternative solution.

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Things to Do to Ensure Your Protection

While simply washing your hands and exercising polite behavior when coughing and sneezing can prevent many problems; cold and flu bacteria still become airborne and slip in. Sometimes even with good hygiene you might catch the cold or the flu from a co-worker, family member, friend, or even a stranger. Many doctors say they have the answer --- Take a flu shot. But for many people, like me, that is not an option. I get sicker with flu shots than without them. As a matter of fact the only times I’ve had the flu was when I took flu shots. Most doctors will argue this point and say it is your imagination; however, personally they have not convinced me of this theory.

Other preventive measures consist of doing exercise, getting some sunshine every day, keeping stress levels down and getting enough sleep. Give your immune system a boost by implementing therapeutic essential oils that are antiseptics, decongestants, expectorants and disinfectants. One research study at Weber State University has found that when certain essential oils are diffused they have a 99% kill rate against airborne bacteria. There were several remarkable conclusions made on websites selling essential oils but until I can verify the studies I will reframe from stating them at this time.

However, in addition to spraying the Lysol this year; I felt it would be wise to learn how to use therapeutic essential oils for colds and flu this season. As I revealed in my Therapeutic Essential Oils and Healing there are numerous essential oils that can assist in healing many diseases of the body. However, if you are like me until you have an opportunity to experiment with essential oils you don’t have a clue where to begin in accomplishing the healing you are seeking.

Therapeutic Essential Oils for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Allergies

Boost and Strengthen the Immune System

As revealed previously, herb and plant oils can be traced by to ancient Greek and Roman days. As stated the hub called How to Use Essential Oils for Christmas, frankincense and myrrh were two of the precious gifts that the three wise men brought to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. For colds, flu, and sinus allergies, frankincense can be used to relieve inflammation, stimulate the immune system, and treat respiratory infections. The essential oil of myrrh is a powerful antioxidant, analgesic/anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral.

Because both the frankincense and myrrh can be quite costly you might want to plan ahead to work the two of them in your budget. I priced a therapeutic grade of the frankincense today at the whole foods market and it was $28.99 a half of an ounce (.5 fl oz.) and the myrrh was $11.00 for a half of an ounce. Please be sure to read my hub titled, Learn How to Buy Therapeutic Essential Oils to learn why it is so important to purchase therapeutic grade essential oils when you are seeking wellness and healing from dis-ease.

Fighting Colds, Flu, and Sinus Allergies

In the mean time there is good news, while I see frankincense and myrrh two “must have essential oils,” they are not the only two that can assist in fighting off and preventing viral sicknesses while assisting in healing from colds, flu, and sinus allergies.

Several plant oils can perform dual roles of being an antibacterial/anti-viral and an expectorant/decongestant.

I think these will perhaps be the most beneficial to begin with and they are: basil, eucalyptus, oregano, peppermint, rosemary, sage, tea tree, and thyme. In today’s economy anytime you can get a two for one deal in the area of healing is great. Here’s a quick overview of what these herb and plant oils can do to assist in fighting off viral infections. Taking on the role of being some of nature's natural antibiotics each has similar yet very unique qualities that can make one feel better:

Buy Essential Oils that are Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral


Eucalyptus essential oil is very helpful for treating a number of respiratory symptoms including asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough, nasal congestion, running nose, sinusitis, and sore throat. Again this oil is antibacterial, antifungal, anti- inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, and decongestant by nature; in addition it can be used to reduce fever.

Laryngoscope published a study in 2004 that revealed the patients suffering from non-bacterial sinusitis had faster improvement when given medicines and or treatments containing eucalyptus oil. Try using the therapeutic grade to gargle a little of the plant oil mixed with warm water for treating a sore throat.

Basil -

Can be used to soothe ones cough that is usually associated with asthma, bronchitis and or sinus infections. This oil is also helpful in relieving cold, influenza and the fever that is usually associated with it. It has an anti-spasmodic nature that works well to assist in soothing bad coughs associated with some viral infections. Just imagine being able to diffuse an essential oil like this one and in a few minutes your cough is silent....And you can hear those silent crickets chirping like on TV. I have not tried the basil, however the clove bud does work just that fast.


You might as well call this one “Anti;” because it performs just about all of such protection qualities. This essential oil is anti-viral which means it will strengthen your immune system against viruses. Anti- bacterial because it protects you from bacterial infection; anti-fungal which means you are protected from fungi that is responsible for some of the most dreaded and fatal infections. Anti-oxidant to protect you from the damages the body endures from free radicals. Oregano essential oil is anti-allergenic, which means that since it is sedative by nature, it calms down hyper-sensitivity and provides relief from allergies.

Lemongrass -

I purchased this one yesterday and feel it should be a part of this list. The health benefits of lemongrass essential oil have great properties of: analgesic meaning it has a property that will reduces pain and inflammation. Anti-microbial means that microbial and bacterial growth in the body will be inhibited when this essential oil is used. Anti-pyretic has properties that will bring down very high fevers. The added punch of this essential oil acts as a diuretic by increasing urination in frequency and quantity to assist any allergen or virus to be flushed out of one’s system faster.


This concludes Therapeutic Essential Oils for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Allergies I hope found this hub informative and packed with ways to help you stay well during the season. For more detailed info on I have already discussed eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree on Therapeutic Essential Oils and Healing (just follow the link in the first section). And rosemary can be found on Therapeutic Essential Oils and Healing Naturally. As you probably can see there are an awesome number of essential oils that can offer combined and or unique ingredients to help keep your family safe from the plagues of having colds, flu, and sinus allergies continuously this winter season.


Disclaimer: This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE.  Before engaging in any complementary medical technique, including the use of natural or herbal remedies, you should do your own research, and then consult your present physician. If your doctor does not believe in alternative medicines and you would like to give them a try then find a reputable doctor, TCM specialist, certified herbalist or naturopathist familiar with alternative medicines that can assist you in deciding what treatments might meet your specific needs.


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