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These Times

Updated on June 17, 2020

There are many disturbing things going on in society today. The Covid 19 Virus, the protesting all over the country, and unrest, in general, around the entire world. There are some vital ways in our overcoming the troublesome worries we all have to deal with.

First of all, in dealing with the virus, we must each remember it want go away unless we distance ourselves in public and wear protective face masks. Way too many folks don’t believe the virus is a danger. The protests seem to be full of those who don’t wear protective masking. There is too much close activity in many occasions. This virus is easily spread in these cases. Using cleanser on hands and all that is touched in purchases is important!

Some businesses have considered UV-c rays at entrances that may help in ridding harmful germs. UV rays alone are too dangerous to use and have harmful effects. The sun’s UV-c rays have a very good effect in killing virus germs as well. Germacides are effective using this UV-c factor as proven in hospitals and public places! Spending a little time outdoors can be helpful. Although too much time may well be harmful to our skins. It can lead to skin cancer. Wearing skin screen is important also! Keeping fit with plenty of exercise and eating healthy foods are always a great help in building up our immune systems, and a vital factor in prevention of harmful viruses that may attack the human body. Vitamin D and C are very important in
our immune systems. Fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, as well as over-counter vitamins, are ways to prepare a defense.
Activities that we enjoy such as art, crafts, and gardening help our emotional preparedness, as well. Hobbies are always good for our over-all well being. In other words, BEING HEALTHY FROM HEAD TO TOE HELPS DEFEND AGAINST ILLNESSES!

We’ve all got to wake up and smell the roses. Proper defensive methods may well help us all overcome these problems we face on a daily basis.

We have each got to remember that we are all in this together. We are true brothers and sisters around this world. We can help each other by standing together and fighting this Covid 19 Virus, as well as other devastating diseases such as Ebola,

and SARS. Every country in our world is gifted with very intelligent researchers in medicine and study of many harmful diseases. Anti-viral injections may well be on the horizon that will rid us of this virus problem! Following guidelines from the World Health Organization, WHO, is very important in these times. Obeying our local officials is necessary in all’s success! Together we can defeat any enemy that human beings may face! We have all got to be observant, as well as vigilant in our defense!


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