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They Doctors/Hospitals don't listen

Updated on April 9, 2011
this was just before my very ill laps.
this was just before my very ill laps.

The First

Yes, I've had all both with all three. There are 3 that stand out the most. I'm not sure what happens to a person with they get those medical degrees and licenses or law degrees and have to pass the test so that they can do their career field legally. After going to school All those year. But they All seem to have lost being human, listing, understanding, facing facts that, whom the body belongs too, does know a little lot more than they do. As was the case of all three experiences I had. The first was in 1989. It started in January of that year. I was two month pregnant, (I'm a high risk pregnancy) I had been seeing this OB/GYN for almost 10 yrs so he knew me and I knew how he worked. I starting to noticed little big things about the pregnancy. It didn't feel right overall, the baby didn't move that much and sometimes not at all. He told me it was fine, its all normal. I would tell him, "NO it wasn't". I was feeling air and budge in the perennial (birth) area.

One day in Feb, I was doing my hair happened to look down at my very big stomach and noticed the birth had dropped. I asked my bother to come and look, to see if he saw it. He did. We went to the doctors office he said everything was fine. A week after I started to have leakage, enough to wear something. Doctor said it was my bladder. It wasn't, my water sack had sprung a leek. I told my visiting nurse I'd soaked my bed, and every placed I sat.

Days, weeks months went by. And the Complaints piled up. I would feel moving in the birth area like something tickling me and it hurt and I wanted to push at times. The doctor kept telling me it alright. Then I on April 16th I989, we got this strange storm in just out of no where. And was in labor, I call doctor and told him, its not alright. I got there they found that the baby was stuck in the birth canal her buttock, and foot that was what I felt that was tickling me. They were going to fly me to another hospital, but the Helicopter could not because of the weather. and to take me in ambulance would be to dangerous the risk was very high that one of us would not make it through. They told the doctor that there was no water my bag had broke awhile ago. I told the emergency team, that I had told him about that, and he did not listen to me. The doctor came to me and first apologized for not listing. told me of the situation and asked me "Which one do you want me to save. You or the Baby" I opted for the baby, save it don't worry of me. Having three other children at home then that was the greatest fear filled answer I could have stated. They had to call in another doctor to assist, an emergency C-Section was done. They pulled her from me (insides), tried to put me out. But I was not going out for nothing.

I awoke in my room, and the nurse came and asked if I wanted to hold her that she was still alive. Of course I did. 2 hours, 34 minuets after she was born April 17th 1989 and christened my daughter died in my arms, weighing 13 oz, and four months premature. Doctor M came in and promised me that the next one will be alright, and guaranteed it. Two years later, his guarantee came into the world. I had a lot more compilation's with the last one than the previous. But, he listen to me on everything.

Oh the doctor and I became closer after that. He has since passed on, killed in an traffic accident while on his way to deliver a baby. A 23 year friendship had come to an abrupt end. I miss my friend so very much.

  Later that same year someone told me the infant mortality rate of babies deaths were the high that year. But, when I check for myself, the stats stated other wise.  When I had my next baby, I met 10 women who had lost their babies that same year.  And no not the same doctor or same area.  To me one baby is to many to lose. But to have 10 in the same year? That is just allot to high for me.

Me today,I have to keep covered up when I go out into the sun.  It can make me sick sometimes. But not nearly as it use too. kidneys started back working, now are rock hard stable.
Me today,I have to keep covered up when I go out into the sun. It can make me sick sometimes. But not nearly as it use too. kidneys started back working, now are rock hard stable.

Third Time; End Stage Renal Disease

"Doctor, since Oct/2005 I've been feel more sick than what I usually do. Its hard to keep food down at times too. I've been watching my sugar intake so I know its not the dumping thing going on. I'm a whole lot on edge, short tempered. and My input is a whole lot less than my output" That is what I told my doctor, in January of 2006. I'd go to see him twice a week and tell him "Doc, I'm taking in a lot more that I put out", he'd give me more water pills. I'd complain of being in more pain than the norm, It felt like someone was literally draining the blood out of me. I was dragging, forcing myself to move. Gaining weight, but not eating hardly anything. It was very hard to breath cause it HURT LIKE HELL to take a breath in. Felt like someone or a rib was stabbing me all way around.

March 30, 2006 went to hospital via rescue squad. (The hospital was known for killing its very poor patients, by letting them wait until last to see them. A woman even died in the waiting room, she had told them she had real bad chest pain and could not feel her left arm. They told her to have a sit they have to take the priority patients first. Grand Jury indited the hospital for manslaughter saying that her death could have been prevented.) Did not want to go to that hospital, even my doctor told me to stay away from that place.

The EMT's got me there at 8am, they started working on me at 2:30pm. The doctor on in the ER did not order any test, she just went on what paramedics told her of my medical history, I'd told her I feel hot & cold at the same time. My back was hurting, like someone was kicking me in it. She sent me home.

I went to my daughters house, did not want to go home had a house full of grand-kids. I went through the start of the worse pain I'd every felt in my life. It was even bigger than just the pain of the Lupus. I had to crawl to get to the bathroom. After, I voided, the Pain was so great, I must have passed out, I remember waking up on the bathroom floor, then going back out. Still to this day I do not remember getting back to bed.

My oldest son came back in the morning. He looked at me and asked if I was alright. "Baby boy, I'm dieing, you have got to get me to the hospital and not that crack pot one." they had to get a wheel chair for me. got back there one of the nurses remembered me from all the many times I'd been there before. She came up, greeted me, and stated that smile is gone. You're really not feeling good. I told her, I'm dieing, I'm bleeding inside I can feel it. "Now I don't think its that bad" is what she said as she helped me to the bathroom they needed a specimen. Which when I gave was all bright red blood.

The nurse called immediately for assistance once there she label & bagged the specimen, was telling the doctor of my complaints. That was March 31, 2006, during their seemingly hundreds of test they saw that my kidneys had stopped, my lungs were shutting down, in fact my whole body was. Heart was beating in triple time and sometime faster, pushing me very close to cardiac arrest, my intestines were also shutting down. But the major of the major was I had massive internal bleeding, and they could not find out from where.

I had to do dialysis four days a week for 6 to 8 hours, my ports kept getting clogged up. I was in the hospital, on and off until July 29, 2006. My kidneys did started back working, as did all other internal organs, the bleeding stopped, had to get 2 treatments of blood platelets, 3 blood transfusions and Chemotherapy.

In short I was dieing, like I kept telling them. Moral to story, you have to take charge and become aggressive if need be, cause the life you save will be your own.


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    • FeniqueS profile imageAUTHOR

      A F Stiger 

      7 years ago from Home

      I'm now dealing with a semi new heart doctor. I say semi because I was going to him before and stopped because he did not listen to me. But, the one I changed to is 50 miles away and I needed a doctor close to home in case of emergency. I went to him for some funky things my heart was doing. He ran his test like they do. and decided to put in a heart monitor. Not pace maker or defibrillator. one week after having it in I noticed that I'd been gaining work. and my lymphedema was getting worse. My visiting nurse noticed also and told him why I thought. I told the doctor and he said that it could not possibly cause the body to gain weight. I told my lymphedema specialist about it. He said that if could be that the monitor is laying on the lymphatic system and causing the back up.

      Went back to ask the heart doctor about it again in possible. I told him either take it out or I will. He did, and it was like a dam that had broke. The water was pouring off me. I was sweating it out, voiding, even my legs were draining. I lost 10lbs, in 5 days. ALL of it water that had built up. Doctor did and would not admit it was the monitor.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      DOCTORS DON'T LISTEN...My family has hx of colon cancer, ulcers, GRD, and during an office visit for a throat problem one day, I mentioned that I again had some rectal bleeding. The MD had a hig school student with him and stated, "Lets just focus on the problem you came in with today." After leaving his office, I decided I wasn't going back for a concern he dismissed so candidly. I returned to an MD I'd seen 15 earlier. After the colonoscopy, he told me if I had waited 4 - 5 years, I would have had the full blown cancer my father had died from 9 years earlier.

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      9 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Thank you for answering my request and for sharing your truly horrific and frightening experiences!


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