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Thin Americans: Skinny People in Big Cities

Updated on January 30, 2015
Thin Americans. Skinny People in Big Cities. Manhattan, NYC
Thin Americans. Skinny People in Big Cities. Manhattan, NYC

While America has a reputation of having a high percentage of obese citizens, America's big cities have a high rate of skinny people, especially in downtown areas. Thin Americans abound in cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago. In this hub we will go over the reasons big cities have so many skinny Americans.


The number one reason there are so many thin Americans in big cities is that people can and do walk almost everywhere. In New York City, for example, it is highly common to walk to and from work, walk to lunch, shopping, museums, etc. Even for people who sit all day at office jobs, when they are off the job, they are moving around from destination to destination.

In much of America, people live in towns that do not have walking-accessible streets. The United States, in a sense, is not very developed. It is a large and still relatively young country, with open roads, and sparsely populated towns. Cities that have high concentrations of citizens, however, have pavements, stoplights, and homes, churches, and businesses all within walking range.

And many people who live in these cities do not limit walking to a destination to 30 minutes for exercise, they walk for hours, on and off, from place to place. Walking is ingrained into their lifestyle. Marilyn, a 20-something from Manhattan, rarely ever takes the subway - a very popular way of getting around New York City. On leisurely days, she walks from her home in Harlem to Central Park, then to a restaurant, and then to a movie. She walks at least 3.5 hours a day on her days off from work. She is a size 2, nonetheless.


People that have high incomes and live in big cities are often highly body conscious. Even if they have to spend money on expensive gym memberships, weight loss plans, and plastic surgery to be a size 4, they will do it - simply because thin is in, and social status is important to them.

Careful Eating

Some skinny Americans simply are not big eaters. Higher income people who live in big cities are not frequent consumers of fastfood. To many of them it is considered tacky to eat cheap, low-quality, unhealthy, tasteless burgers and fries.

Yes, it is common for office workers to pick up coffee and a pastry from Starbucks for breakfast, but it is also common for them to get a salad or a turkey sandwich for lunch. People who spend money for quality food also realize it tastes better. They understand fruits and vegetables are not only healthy but they add flavor to meals - flavor that fast food is lacking.

In short, a high level of walking, a deep concern for body image, and more healthful selectivity of food are what makes many people in big cities thin Americans. Not every skinny American is doing all three of these things, but usually at least one.


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