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Things I Like About Getting Older

Updated on September 10, 2012

There are plenty of reasons to gripe about getting older and I do plenty of that. However, the other day it suddenly came to me that there were actually some things I liked about being older. As I thought about it, I realized that youth was not that easy. The young have plenty to gripe about too, and we all did that. Here are some of the things I have come to love about being "more mature", a phrase I like to use about old age!

I'm a year away from the big 60 and I sometimes can't believe I'm this age! How did that happen, I ask myself! How did 59 years go by so fast? Well, they did, but as I sit drinking tea and watching my cats play, I have time to reflect on the past. That's what us more mature people do.


When I was younger, I cared about everything. What people thought of me, what they were saying about me, how I looked, was I cool enough, did that cute new guy like me and on and on. Whew! What a lot of wasted energy. As I've gotten older, I realized I don't care anymore about a lot of trivial things. The best moment came a few years ago. I met a friend's Aunt and had the feeling she just didn't like me. I couldn't figure out why because I was being friendly and nice. But the greatest part was when I realized...I just didn't care. If she didn't like me, she didn't like me. No big deal! I do my best and if someone has a negative reaction to me, I can easily blow it off now. I could never have done that when I was younger.


Now don't get me wrong, I still care about how I look. I still have enough pride, and maybe just a touch of vanity, to want people to think I'm attractive. I'm very pale and look much different without makeup. When I was young, I would have rather walked on broken glass than have someone see me without my makeup. Now, plenty of people have seen me without my makeup on. I still wear it when I go out of the house, but at home, not so much. I decided I look fine. Maybe not as good as with makeup, but ok. I even discovered that I look better with less makeup than with a ton. As you age, less is more and believe me, that's fine with me. It takes me much less time to get made up than it used to and that's great. More time for more important things.


One of the best things is having more patience. I have finally learned to just let things ride for awhile. I used to have to do everything right now or I couldn't relax. Well, let me tell you, most things can wait a few days. I also learned the value of letting things sit with me, like decisions I have to make. If I think about them for a few days, instead of making an instant choice, I usually end up with a better decision. This doesn't mean that I don't still react instantly when needed. I haven't turned into a total procrastinator, I've just learned to be patient and the answer will come more easily, more naturally.


I enjoy things in my life more. I appreciate a good cup of coffee or a cozy talk with a friend. The little things mean more. When your young, it seems your always looking for the next big excitement in life. Now I'm content with the small pleasures. I don't want a lot of drama anymore. I think instead of searching for happiness, you begin to want contentment more. It's longer lasting than happiness.

These are just a few things I enjoy about getting older, or being "more mature." Sure, there are still days when I wish I could magically erase my wrinkles, but they are not that often. I have learned some incredible things in 59 years and am just starting to realize that. I can do many things now that I couldn't have done in my youth, like write this article. To all of my "more mature" friends...enjoy your years!

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