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Things That Make Me Feel Old!

Updated on July 15, 2012

Have These Happened to You?

I am trying to grow old gracefully and not let my age bother me. I've done pretty good, but I realized that there are a ton of things that happen that remind you exactly how old you're getting! Here is my list of things that make me groan a little.

1. I do survey sites. Why, I'm not sure, because it takes forever to get a few dollars, but I still do them. They always have the age question. You either have to type in your exact age, choose from a range, or scroll down to the year you were born.

I've been doing these for years and I've noticed the older I get, the fewer surveys I qualify for. When I have to type in my age, I just know I have cut my chances down by at least 50%...maybe more.

The age range feels a little better. At least you don't have to tell them your exact age, but if you fall into the older ranges, well, here we go again!

The worst is having to scroll for the year of your birth. When you have to scroll WAY down the list, it's like being on a roller coaster. That sinking feeling in your stomach as you go flying down!

2. I am trying to save money, like most people these days, and it has become a serious passion. It's become almost a game to see how many ways I can save, but not totally give up a few pleasures. I heard someone mention the seniors discount at the grocery store the other day.

Seniors discount...aha, I forgot about those! But surely I wouldn't qualify. When I asked the age, I was only a year away. What's worse is that I am already eligible at some places. Talk about feeling old...I'm a senior! Funny how being a senior in high school is cool. Being a senior in life doesn't feel so cool. I'll swallow my pride (or ego) and take the discount though!

3. We had a friend over that was in his twenties and started talking about music. We were comparing groups we'd gone to concerts to see and he didn't know too many of the ones we mentioned. "You don't know who Jimi Hendrix is?" I said in disbelief. I was honestly shocked, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I thought these groups were classics, ones that anyone would have at least heard of, but they aren't. They were 30 years ago, but not now, not to a twenty year old. He barely knew the Beatles and the Stones.

4. The classic is when you are called "ma'am" for the first time. Your heart skips a beat and it catches you totally off guard. This one usually happens fairly early, so by the time you're really old, it doesn't faze you anymore. You have to remind yourself that to an eighteen year old kid, thirty is old. So when it happens at thirty, you're shocked, but at least you can still console yourself that thirty is NOT old!

5. The other day a friend came over and brought her grandson, who just turned five. As we talked, he played with his truck, pushing it all over the living room. He also decided to run around the room in circles, like he was a plane...his little arms outstretched, his little feet carrying him faster and faster.

He's very cute and I really do like him. By the time they left I was exhausted, hoping there was a long period between now and the next visit. His constant motion made me tired just watching it. I get the same feeling watching people exercise on those info-commercials! I feel as though I've been working right along with them without ever getting off the couch. I'm worn out just from watching...and I'm not that out of shape...really.

Those are just some of the things that make me feel old. The funny part is that the obvious things: wrinkles, gray hair, aches and pains I never had before, don't make me feel as old as much as these more subtle surprises. The wrinkles and such you expect, I guess.

However, as the old saying goes "getting old is better than the alternative." It does remind us that it doesn't matter. What matters is you don't let it bother you. I've come to accept getting older, that things are going to change, that I just have to make the best of it. I have to go now. They're having a sale on that new wrinkle cream at the drugstore and I have to get there before it closes.

Please add your own "things that make you feel older" in the comments section below...I'd love to hear them!


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