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Things you should never do in a hospital

Updated on August 14, 2012

Stop being uneducated

Working in a hospital I have seen a lot of things and some I just have to shake my head at because I can't believe people do these things.

My first pet peeve is to see parents letting their children run around in the hospital in their bare feet or anyone walking around in bare feet and touching everything in sight. Hospitals have more germs and bugs running around then in a filthy crack house. Seriously stop letting your kids go in the hospital with your shoes off. Keep them with you and wash their hands often while there.

When a patient is on isolation and visitors visit and there are gown, gloves and mask on the door. PUT THEM ON. They are on isolation for something that is apparently contagious. Especially if someone has menigitis and these conditions should warrant you to leave your children home.

When your loved one wants a drink of water, for God sake give it to them. Why do people call a nurse to give their family member a drink of anything? It's not hard to actually have compassion for your sick family member and give them a drink of water.

Another thing that really gets me is how grown children, don't want to help in anyway to take care of an ailing parent. So what if they peed the bed, didn't you when you were a child and did your parents complain about changing your diapers or cleaning up your bed. Offer to help instead of walking out the door. Oh so you find it gross that your parents pee themselves or defecate on themselves. Well did they find it gross when you were peeing, pooping and vomiting all over the place? No they did it with love. If they can walk to the bathroom then help them. It's not going to kill you.

If they need help eating then help them. If a nurse has three patients to feed then someone is getting cold food. If you're sitting there watching young and the restless put a spoonful of food in their mouth. I promise you can watch tv and feed them at the same time. 

Stop bugging about how long it takes to discharge the patient. A lot goes on to get that part done. First the doctor has to write the order and they don't always do it when you want them too. Then the nurse has to chart your discharge instructions and go over them with you.

Too many people think its a healthcare workers job to do everything for their loved ones because that's what were getting paid for right? Well in all reality we are getting paid to take care of them, but helping out isn't going to kill you either. Stopping to give your mother a drink of water, denies others who really need help to get it. It's really ashame to me that a person would not want to help their parent or grandparent but so many don't want to. I don't understand that one bit. If my parent, child, or grandchild were in the hospital I would never ask for help giving them their basic needs.


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