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The 10 Things to Do with Olive Oil at Home

Updated on August 27, 2017
Things to do with Olive Oil
Things to do with Olive Oil
  1. Hair and Scalp
  2. Body massager
  3. Skin moisturizer
  4. Manicures and pedicures
  5. Salads
  6. Dipping sauce
  7. Sub sandwiches
  8. Drinking it
  9. Anointing for healing
  10. Car tires

Things to do with Olive Oil

Olive oil is an antioxidant which can help your body detox from toxins such pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, pork, etc. Olive oil is an essential oil, which means it has healing properties. Using olive oil on your skin can help maintain moisture, and it can help prevent wrinkles when applying to your face before going to bed.

When using olive oil for your hair and scalp, it can assist with reducing dry scalp and dandruff. And when using olive oil on hair it can assist with stopping split ends, and gives you shinny looking hair when used as a hot oil treatment.

Using olive oil as a dipping sauce for foods is a great idea. It can be used to dipped breads, fish, potato cubes, and pizza slices. An olive oil dip sauce can contain garlic salt, barley herbs, basil herbs, and paprika.

With manicures and pedicures it's good to use olive oil for loosening up the skin around the cuticles. Rubbing olive oil on your finger nails daily will make them grow stronger, and it will make your hands feel softer. Also olive oil is great for a lip moisturizer, wearing it at night before bed is a good idea as well.

Christian churches use olive oil as an anointing oil also called (Blessing oil) for healing the spirit, body, and mind. Christian believers have enough faith to believe that the olive oil helps heal bad habits, mental conditions, a disturbed spirit, and more. In Christ Jesus name anointing is possible through His power.

Olive oil can also be used for a lubricant on car tires and leather items. Olive oil can be bought at a grocery store, whole health food store, or pharmacy. Olive oil is sold by different name brands, and can be bought at a low price approximately $3 - $7.00 per bottle.

Many people drink a teaspoon of olive oil daily. Drinking it will assist with better heart health, relieve constipation, repair cells, detoxes your body from toxins, reduces the risk of cancers, maintains a normal digestive tract, and prevents having colonoscopy.

Verse of Scripture

♦ Jesus the Christ went to the Mount of Olives, as He was accustomed, and His disciples also followed Him. When He came to the place, He said to them, "Pray that you may not enter into temptation." Luke 22:39-40

♦ Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. James 5:14

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    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 5 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Lambservant, yes olive oil is great for many foods and cooking. Thank you for you comment.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      I use olive oil a lot with my cooking. I even use it to make popcorn. At Costco you can get two huge bottles at an excellent price. Great Hub.

    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 5 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi SkeetyD, that's true many things to do with olive oil. Thanks for commenting.

    • SkeetyD profile image

      SkeetyD 5 years ago from Barbados

      Nice hub. Olive oil is indeed versatile