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Remove Your Barriers in the Way of Your New Year Fitness Resolution!

Updated on December 31, 2019
Natasha Tungare profile image

Being a physiotherapist it is important for me to stay fit and promote more fitness so as to have a disease free population!

Every year on December 31, we plan to have a New Year resolution. Some keep a resolution to exercise daily, to be on time each day, to lose weight and many other things. Out of these, being fit is the most common resolution. Just a day is left for 2020 so tell me how many of you have actually kept your last year's resolution and if you were able to keep it, did you keep it throughout the year? Approximately 5% of the world population stays consistent whereas 95% have some circumstances or excuses to give. Consistency is the key.

What are your Fitness Resolutions?

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Your Resolution to be Fit

Can I tell you a small secret? Even if you do not perform any special techniques to stay fit, you can still incorporate fitness into your daily schedule. It takes courage to decide to start working on your fitness and is worth it. There is always a reason behind a resolution. Making a decision might be for that moment but making a resolution itself says how much you emphasize its importance in your life! Why should you make a resolution to stay fit? You might have many other strong aspirations like developing your personality, earning more money or getting promoted at your workplace. Then why fitness is your priority? The reason is that if you keep yourself fit and prioritize your health, you can achieve other goals in your life.

To have something as your resolution, first it has to be your priority!

Know your 'WHY' behind your Fitness Resolution!

As I mentioned earlier, you might take any decision randomly but making a resolution always has a purpose behind it. I do not want to hurt animals and hence I take a resolution to turn into a vegan. I want to lose weight this year and hence I take a resolution to start diet on 1st January itself. You see there is not just a simple reason but a stronger purpose when it comes to a resolution. When your purpose is clear, sticking to your resolution whichever it might be, becomes easier. And when you know your 'why', it is but natural you tend to prioritize it more. You might have been thinking about this since pretty long time but what matters is you making a decision and following it. Words play no role, but actions do! Author and Motivational Speaker Mr. Simon Sinek wrote this book named 'Start with your WHY'. When you start with your why you have a stronger base to work upon and to get results. Give your 'why' an actionnd work towards it.

What are your Common Barriers to not stick to your New Year Resolution?

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Overcome those Barriers!

You might have tons of excuses for not being consistent with your fitness resolution. And some of the excuses might be the true barriers as well. But ultimately what you do about it and how you find a solution to overcome your barriers is going to count. Today you are looking at these excuses and all these hurdles in your way, tomorrow when you will fight to stick to your commitment and surpass this phase of obstacles, you will feel proud for yourself. Every commitment comes with responsibilities. And every responsibility comes with hurdles too. So what to do at such times? The only answer is solve your problems. I would like to tell you all some simple solutions which you already know but fail to realize when you are inconsistent.

  1. Keep your commitments not just in your mind but in front of your eyes- Stick your daily goals to the mirror or a noticeboard. Keep your fitness resolution as your mobile or desktop wallpaper text!
  2. When you have other priorities, ask yourself how can you incorporate your daily fitness into your routine despite of all busy schedule. I bet you will definitely get an answer.
  3. When you say you have 'no time', ask yourself once if I really do not have time or is it possible to curtail down other things which are unnecessarily consuming my time.
  4. Know other way to accomplish your fitness routine. If you are unable to take time out for going to gym each day, make sure you walk more rather than using a vehicle.
  5. Have short goals like 'each day goals' rather than having monthly or yearly goals. And when you accomplish each day goal by exercising, you will feel successful.
  6. Celebrate your success. When you finish 1 week being consistent on your fitness, celebrate it. For example, 6 days following your diet and 1 day having a cheat day to celebrate your 6 days success!

Your barriers are nothing but your own excuses!

When you decide from within to achieve something, despite of all hurdles you tend to fight and be successful. Every model with a great figure, every athlete, every body-builder and every 90 year old fit man has accomplished what they are by staying consistent despite of every obstacle in their life. So this new year, do not just have a fitness resolution but rather a resolution to stay consistent with it!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Natasha Tungare


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