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Thoughts While Running #2

Updated on February 6, 2016
Sunrise at Myrtle Beach
Sunrise at Myrtle Beach

The sun was just beginning its ascent to sit on its morning perch; its ray turning a gray dusk into a vibrant blue sky. As I stretched to rid my body of the creaks and pains suffered at this age, I wondered how I would feel on this glorious day. For this new dawn was bringing with it another birthday; 54 to be exact. As I dressed into my running shorts and laced up the running shoes, I wondered how many other runners I would see on my path. I wondered how many of them would be running at this age? I know I am not special by any stretch of the imagination. I am not the first person to do this, nor do I hold the record for the youngest, nor the oldest. There are many more great runners who have run longer and farther than me at this point in my life; and, there will be many more to come. But, today, at this moment it is my run. I tell myself to start slow and enjoy every step. The playlist is one I put together especially for this day; the songs will carry the cadence I need to go the distance. I vow that this will be the beginning of a new tradition - 10 miles to celebrate every birthday I have after this one; for as long as I am able. Here goes...

As I run I think of those who will wish me a wonderful day - my family and friends. I wish they could be with me on this run. I also think that if I could have a dollar for every friend I have made along this journey; for every person who has helped me get this far so successfully, I would move to the top of world's "richest person" list. I thank everyone in my life for this day and this moment. I have been blessed; thank you, each and everyone.

I think of my Mother; missing her voice on the phone wishing me a Happy Birthday; reminding me of how she felt this day 54 years ago. I miss my father also. I think of the 10 years that will pass until I am as old as he was. I wonder if I will see the things he did and be the man he was.

Today is a special day; I am grateful and blessed that I am here. I feel terrific as I near the end of the run; the words to the Wilson Philip song, Hold On, playing on the iPod. 10 miles completed, I'm alive and I feel wonderful. As I walk a bit to cool down, I think of the run, I think of this wonderful day and the blessings it will contain, and I hope I will have many more of these runs remaining in my life.


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