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Thoughts and Emotions - Are They worth It ?

Updated on May 21, 2015


Emotions and our thoughts are a wonderful gift bestowed by god. Without the ability to think freely, we would not have our own unique personality. Without emotions, we would be able to express ourselves. Both of these unique traits makes us human different. Computers may able to think by processing data, but can they think freely. Do they have the ability to respond to our questions on their own. Even smartphones answer our questions using the data that we provide. With the current processing power available, computers cannot be made into humans. Emotions are also something that we cannot recreate. In the future, if a computer was able to process emotions, that would be due to data that we humans provided. Animals also have the ability to think and feel, but to a lesser extent. The ability to think about topics and feel about something is wonderful. Just imagine how boring life would have been if we didn't have the ability to think and feel. Well, some people like me think that these wonderful gifts are better not to accept. Why do you ask? The first reason is because of too much thinking and the second reason is because of experiencing so much emotions at the same time.


If our minds stop and starts to think, they would start wondering into a forbidden forest. Many questions will come to their mind. Questions like, What is life? How am I able to exist? Are the people surrounding me really exist? Is all of this the imagination of my mind? Soon after a lot of thinking, you'll become paranoid. Sometimes thinking to much would even lead to suicidal thoughts. If I had a penny for every time my mind wonders to the suicidal department of my brain, I would be rich. Thinking about your life, your future and other things will really be stressful. Sometimes it's better to die than life is one most common thought that occurs in most people's brain. If you do a lot of thinking, then try to avoid it. It's because that I think too much, I'm prescribed to medicine relating to mental illnesses. Here's a list of thing to do when you think too much.

  • Watch TV, try to sink your thoughts to the TV
  • Listen to some music with actual singers. Relaxing music will actually cause you too think more. Try to sink yourself in too the song.
  • If you live in a family, constantly stay with your siblings or parents. Having someone around you will help.
  • Sleep only if you're tired. If not tire yourself. Lying awake on your bed will mostly likely cause to think deeply.
  • Write in Hubpages. The most profitable way of keeping yourself from thinking deeply. Make sure you have picked a well know topic, then start writing.
  • If you're alone, talk to someone on the phone or video chat with friends online.

These are just some ways of refraining yourself from thinking deeply. Search Google for more ways. If you're thinking about therapy, I think it's not a good idea as after a session your mind might start thinking deeply again.


Overuse of emotions can be caused by the above problem. When you deeply think about something or someone, your emotions may go out of control. One of the severe emotional problems caused by over-thinking is hypo tension. It's a condition were anger is released without the consciousness of the effected. This condition could also be genetically inherited. My whole family has this disease, but only some take medicine for it. The worst possible emotional problem you could have is bipolar disorder. I've noticed that I also have this problem. When I'm angry, I suddenly become sad afterwards. However, I'm able to control my anger and I'm able to become conscious more faster. These diseases are all caused by over-thinking. It's because of these diseases that people like me regret having feelings. The levels of sadness and hatred generated for us are high.

Another downside is that you'll become addicted to the medicine your prescribed to. My advice is to try using herbal emotion control medicine.


Overall, all of this is what makes us humans unique. Even though diseases may sadden our life. Experiencing that sadness is also a pleasure. Thinking and feeling are great gifts from god, but overusing them will lead us to unwanted diseases. Always control your mental wellness. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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