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Three Drinks to Lose Weight – Drink Your Way to a Better Body

Updated on October 27, 2015
Three Drinks to Lose Weight – Drink Your Way to a Better leaner Body
Three Drinks to Lose Weight – Drink Your Way to a Better leaner Body

Everybody seems to want to lose weight but nobody appears to actually do something about it. Either laziness kicks in or tight schedule doesn’t allow it or some reason or another stops us from doing right by our own body. And before it hits us we pass by our 20s and 30s and 40s, etc. without losing the extra pound and achieving that body that we always desired. Bear in mind that this article is not about pointless information which tells people that they can lose weight without doing anything and just being a couch potato. No. This article is about taking the first step and the right step toward losing weight and leading a better life that you deserve. The technique for assisting to lose weight that I will talk about in this article is like a little cheat code to your way to losing weight.

Wanting to lose weight can have its roots in several places. Many people want to lose weight to look good physically, some want to lose weight to avoid many diseases which are linked with dipping scale while many just want to lose weight to feel good about their body, to feel at ease with their body and allow themselves the maximum flexibility which comes with a leaner body. Whatever, your reasons are for losing weight; this is the right time and the very best time in your life to take your first step towards losing weight. The reason being, this is the younger you will ever be and the years which have already gone past are bygones and nothing can be done about those. Regret does not help here. Focus on the now and begin your journey to a healthier body with less fat today!

Cheat codes to weight loss
Cheat codes to weight loss

Cheat Codes to Weight Loss

There are three cheat codes to losing weight which actually work and are very simple to implement in one’s life.

How to make this drink tastier:

For those who find the lemon and apple cider vinegar mix too strong to make it a part of their daily lives can easily make it into a very delicious drink while still keeping the perks by adding 1-2 tea spoons of natural honey with no added sugar.

Lose weight by drinking lemon juice with apple cider vinegar every morning and every night
Lose weight by drinking lemon juice with apple cider vinegar every morning and every night | Source

Weight Loss Elixir Drink:

So what is this weight loss elixir drink that helps to lose weight by drinking? It is the most beneficial drink of them all and is just a simple concoction of warm water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. This is what I call the weight loss elixir drink and of the three drinks that this article will discuss to help lose weight, this is the must have drink for weight loss.

How many times to drink the Weight Loss Elixir Drink, a.k.a. lemon and apple cider vinegar drink:

Ideal dosage is twice per day, one drink right after waking up to kick-start your metabolism and one drink right before hitting the bed at night.

How to make the Weight Loss Elixir Drink?

The best part about this drink is its ease of making. Just take warm water (not boiling hot), add the juice of half a lemon/lime (you can have both green ones and ripe ones) and add two table spoons of apple cider vinegar. Stir well and drink right after waking up before consuming breakfast.

Have Green Tea daily to lose weight
Have Green Tea daily to lose weight

Green Tea to lose weight:

Green tea is another all goody-goody drink that everyone should just make sure is part of their daily lives. The beneficial qualities of green tea are vast and an aid for weight loss is just one of them. Green teas have very high concentration of powerful and much needed antioxidants. Many clinical studies carried out suggest that green tea boosts metabolism and help burn fat. We must remember that slow metabolism is our enemy along with all the fatty foods, these two combined makes us fat. Therefore, boosting metabolism is the key to losing weight.

How many times to drink Green tea for Weight Loss:

Ideal dosage is thrice per day, one drink 15 minutes after breakfast, one drink 15 minutes after lunch and one drink 15 minutes after dinner. However, if one can consume 2 more cups of green tea at intervals then that would do a lot of good.

How to make and drink green tea?

Green tea is extremely easy to make. They come in tea bags as well as loose leaves. Tea bags are hassle free and all that is needed is soaking a green tea bag in boiling water in a cup for 3 minutes before drinking. Remember, not to add any sugar with green tea. One can add some flavour to their green tea by squeezing a bit of lemon.

Tamarind Juice for weight loss
Tamarind Juice for weight loss

How to make tamarind juice:

  • Take two-three pods of sour tamarind and soak in 1 glass of room temperature water for 5-10 minutes or till soggy.
  • With hand release the seeds from the tamarind and knead into water.
  • Squeeze and remove seed and pulp
  • You can drink this as it is or you can add a pinch of salt and pepper for flavour.

Tamarind Juice:

Taste-wise this is my favourite of all three but then that’s due to my soft corner for sour fruits. Sour Tamarind juice is a great aid to weight loss and I usually have this juice at the peak of summer for one whole month every day after lunch. This drink is not ideal for long term prolonged use as many people cannot stomach the sour taste for too long. Therefore, 3-4 weeks daily intake per 6 months is ideal.

So how does Tamarind Juice help to lose weight:

The way lemon helps to lose weight with its natural citric acid, our dear friend, tamarind has an equivalent tartaric acid, also known as Hydroxy citric acid which basically slows down the production of fat. This acid increases serotonin neurotransmitter levels and thereby suppresses appetite and hunger pangs. Tamarind has a very positive effect on metabolism and thereby helps lose weight.

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Drink Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar every morning to lose weight

Summary of Weight Loss Process:

Therefore, stop procrastinating and start with the healthy Weight Loss Elixir Drink and boost it further by having green tea after meals and push yourself further by drinking tamarind juice at a couple of months interval. Start small and this with a healthy lifestyle like reducing intake of sugar, minimal carbs and junk food you can present yourself the body of your dreams. Good luck!!


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