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Three Items to Make Sure You Have In Your First Aid Kit

Updated on June 24, 2009

Having a home first aid kit is always nice around your home, but for some people they might be confused as to what exactly needs to be in a first aid kit for your home. While some people might be puzzled by this and just purchase the ones that come prepackaged at the store which is a great idea other people like to purchase more than just what the store models have in them. Here are some items that I have in my first aid kit at my house and why I have that item.

The first item that my first aid kit has is quite a few Band-Aids. Now the reasoning behind this is fairly clear for anyone to figure out as to why they need to have them in your first aid kit, but the various sizes is what puzzle many people. The reason for the varying sizes is because if you and your family is anything like mine the range of cuts will vary and no one Band-Aid will fit them all.

The second item that I like to keep fairly handy in my first aid kit is one that many people might not even consider having is ace bandages. Now I know that some of the store bought first aid kits will have the ace bandages in them and I always try to add a couple of extras to them. Now the ace bandages help out tremendously in getting your gauze that you might have in the first aid kit to stay. Which if you are like my husband or myself from time to time the little cuts or scrapes that we have to keep dirt out of will be large enough to require a piece of gauze. Now I know that you are probably saying why not just use the tape that is readily available, well I would if I wasn’t allergic to the tape which makes any scrape or cut even worse!

The third item that I have in my first aid kits is the easy break ice packs that turn into instant ice packs.  Now I know that if your first aid kit is just a little bag these will not work take that from experience, but if it has solid walls then these will do wanders at keeping your first aid kit stocked with cold packs for your use as needed. I usually have three of these in my first aid kit at any time.

While many people will purchase a first aid kit that is already prepared from the store I know that for me I like to purchase them and then add to them these three essential items that I always like having in any first aid kit. The band-aids are a given, the ace bandages are something that many people might have as a thought when needed, but the ice packs are something that you do not even consider that often.


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