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Tinnitus Sounds - The Different Types Of Tinnitus Sounds And Tinnitus Causes

Updated on March 25, 2011

Wondering What Kind Of Tinnitus Sound You Have?

There are many kinds of tinnitus sounds. From a ringing sound to a buzzing sound people around the entire world have suffered from the condition of tinnitus.

For those of you that don't know and even for those of you that already know here is a simple definition of tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a condition that causes a annoying and sometimes painful sound inside one or both your ears (also been reported to hear the noise coming from the inside of the head)

What Is The Actually Difference Between These Tinnitus Sounds?

Okay so let's get down to the reason why you are here, to figure out what kind of noise is inside your ear or head right?

Here is a list of tinnitus sounds that tinnitus sufferers usually say they hear:

  1. Buzzing
  2. Ringing
  3. Hissing
  4. Pulsatile
  5. Whistle

Keep in mind that they are in no particular order, now I'm going to go over all of these so let's dive in!

tinnitus masking sound
tinnitus masking sound

First Tinnitus Sound - Buzzing

A very common tinnitus sound is the buzzing in the ear.

This one is usually reported by tinnitus sufferers as the "come and go". Basically there are two tinnitus sounds that "come and go" which are the buzzing and the ringing. What happens is they aren't 24 hours they just...well they come and go.

It's usually very annoying and it can actually disrupt your focus when at work or when you are trying to sleep. It's actually been reported that this is the 2nd most common type of tinnitus sound.

Second Tinnitus Sound - Ringing Sound

Do you know the bell of the church? This tinnitus sound resembles it. Like I mentioned before this type of sound can be the "come and go" just like the buzzing, however, it can also be permanent. That's right 24 hours hearing the ringing I know how it is because on a little side note this is actually the type of tinnitus sound that I suffered from.

Also keep in mind that this one can affect one or both ears it will depend on exactly how severe your particular case of tinnitus is.

The severity will depend on the cause of your tinnitus.

A Small Look Into The Ringing Sound

Third Tinnitus Sound - Hissing

Gramma ever made you tea? It sound pretty much like that. The cause of this tinnitus sound is usually treatable so be happy for that. You see, tinnitus does not have an actual cure, however, if you are able to find the cause of it you can put an end to tinnitus by neutralizing the cause of it. I will talk more about this later on so...

Fourth Tinnitus Sound - Pulsatile

This tinnitus sound is related with vascular problems.

Pulsatile tinnitus is usually the name of multiple sounds that are related with vascular problems which is well all of them. Pulsatile means that the sound is like the heartbeat, in other words, it's there as your heart beats. They basically keep in time with each other.

Fifth Tinnitus Sound - Whistle or Roaring

The worst tinnitus sound that will destroy your social life.

This tinnitus sound basically sound like a roar usually associated with bad blood circulation. This type of tinnitus as many different causes and even though it's the most rare it's also the one most dificult to treat because there are so many causes of it.

Makes you wonder if there are so many causes how come it's so rare right? Well the reason is because the cause needs to happen to someone in a severe matter in order for tinnitus to become a roar, in other words, this is like a devolopment of another tinnitus sound.

How Do I Actually Cure Any Tinnitus Sound?

Wanna Know The Big Little Secret About Tinnitus Sounds?

There is a cure! There is only one way to cure tinnitus and that is to find the cause of it. When you know the cause of tinnitus you can stop it. There are to many questions to be asked in order to find the cause of your tinnitus and the big problem is that after you know the cause of tinnitus the fight is not over you still have to stop it.

The treatment that I used to get rid of my tinnitus was the step by step system of Thomas Coleman, tinnitus miracle

Basically the system was desined in way that it guides you step by step on how to find the cause and stop it so tinnitus miracle is my personal recommendation.

Small Look At Tinnitus Miracle


There is only so many information you can include in one hub but I think I was able to provide unique information to all of you so pelase leave your comments below and any questions you might have.

Also keep in mind that tinnitus is like a high hill battle but the hill is not that high so you can win.

tinnitus sound relief
tinnitus sound relief


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