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Tips For A Healthier Life

Updated on November 29, 2017

Ten Tips For A Healthy Life.

Health and body fitness are important in today's world, while half of the world is obese due to junk food and fast food strangely being less money spending then health food maybe it's time the word gets out about some health stuff, we need more health stuff.

#10, Eating Healthier. Now nobody wants to eat a meal of straight up veggies eating some more greens and fruit can work wonders. Look back at that old Pyramid of food your teacher use to show you, it's important now isn't. While you don't need to eat those exact amounts having a salad in place of a burger can do you some good. Also eating less junk food, less sugar and fat in your diet the better. Oh wait, maybe have some Buttermilk dressing on spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. I love that stuff.

#9, Exercise. There is nothing more that I like to do than sit on my bed and play on my PS3, but sometimes you got to get up and do a little exercise. Now you don't have to do any kind of Olympic Athlete type work outs unless you want to, but getting up and going for a jog or doing a small workout of a few reps of sit-ups and push-ups would help you out greatly. Go to the gym and get on the treadmill, lift some weights, do some jumping jacks, run from the cops, do something to get the blood pumping. But in all seriousness don't run from the cops.

#8, Stretch. This one kind of goes under number nine but oh well. Stretching is a good way to get the muscles nice and tender. Feeling stressed? Do some stretching. Feeling stiff? Do some stretching. Want to get that last cookie from the jar but can't reach it? Do some stretching. Yoga also fits under this as well, some say it helps the body to bend and stretch more while also somehow keeping the body looking young.

#7, Slow Down On Liquor. Now some people like to have a drink every now and then, or every day. In any case while not really terrible in small doses drinking constantly with high amounts of alcohol can cause very big problems in the body. Liver and kidney issues as well as heart and brain. Like I said a small glass of wine or whiskey won't kill you but make sure not to drink like you’re in College again.

#6, Stay Away From Drama. Nobody likes drama. Drama is bad, drama causes stress and a horde of other things that are bad. A good thing to do is stay away from people who are drama filled generators. Stress can also have an effect on the body. It can make muscles tense and that makes your body uncomfortable, it can also make your angry or easily annoyed which doesn't help either. A nice hot bath mixed with some soft jazz can help, maybe sit on your back porch and watch the leaves sway back and forth, do something that makes you calm and that will definitely help. Maybe have some Chamomile tea.

#5, Laugh. Laughter is one of those old school remedies that can help with a lot of things. Not only can it help with stress and putting you in a good mood it can else lift the air of tension and make others happy as well. Crack some jokes, pull some pranks, find ways to make laughter so both you and whatever poor soul you decided to prank can have a little bit of fun and smile.

#4, Don't Do Drugs. I mean honestly even if you were a athlete at your prime this is still something don't want to do. Many drugs have incredibly bad effects on the body. One can become addicted and quickly fall from their perch. Death, loss of hair and teeth, hallucinations and increased paranoia. With all the hundreds of illegal drugs in the world there are many to choose from, it is like an all you can eat buffet of drugs, but this buffet can and will severely damage your body. I suggest you stay as far away from these as you possibly can. And I mean illegal drugs, not ones meant to help. Unless you’re using the ones that help not in the described way, then that's a big no-no.

#3, Clean Yourself. Ever had one of those days where you have just been outside all day in intense heat and you just want to take a nice hot shower? I know I have. Staying clean is something very important not only for your health but your social life as well. Rotting teeth, loss of hair, excessive dead skin and even a destroyed immune system can become of a person who does not do their best to stay clean and shiny. Well maybe not shiny, unless it's a Pokémon. Then by all means get shiny.

#2, Have A Clean House. While technically the same as the previous one it does vary a bit in what can happen. While having a dirty body can affect your health and social life having a dirty house can affect that and so much more. Bugs, rats, unwanted pests and garbage can decrease the cleanliness of your home and most likely yours a well. Don't be leaving banana peels around man this isn't Mario Kart. Also no guy or gal is going to want to come over if you have an ant farm centered on the trash can. Clean your house nasty dude.

#1, Be Nice. This one can be bad for your health in numerous ways. Let's say you go mouthing off to your mother, you could get a butt whooping. Now let's say you were eye humping another man’s wife, you could be on the receiving end of a brutal Fatality. I mean it's a life thing in general to be nice to people, unless they are incredibly rude to you, then be rude back. In any case sometimes being a disrespectful prick could end you up with a lot of lumps and bruise’s, stay safe kiddies!


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