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Tips For Living Life (March)

Updated on February 22, 2021
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The Ides of March

The snow still lingers, but it will disappear from the bench mountains as we watch spring climb up te mountains.
The snow still lingers, but it will disappear from the bench mountains as we watch spring climb up te mountains. | Source

Frosty Breaths

March's lions roar,

with early morning vapors.

April fools will come.

Marching Forward

March is the "in between time" of the year.

It's no longer really winter, as the thunderstorms will prove.

It's not yet spring, as anxious primroses and the forsythia lie in wait.

It's just March, as time marches on in this 2021 non- Election year.

The seed catalogs will have arrived and visions of springtime splendor and summer harvests will fill the gardeners' dreams.

There is an event to celebrate every day in March, although with the exception of "Plant A Flower Day" I saw no "Clean The Yard Day" in this month which starts with National Pig Day on the first day of March and ends with National Clams On The Half Shell Day on the 31st.

There are days devoted to other nutritious endeavors so perhaps that might be a good theme for a month which has a National Frozen Foods Day we could all use as an excuse to celebrate with a trip to our local ice cream parlor.

Some of us who haven't already filed US taxes for an early refund (or shock) will be scavenging for the "where did I put those" things.

Others of us will be checking the outdoor thermometer for an excuse not to go out for a walk, while some will check to see what clothing is called for to be comfortable working in the yard, surveying the garden plot, or pruning a tree or two before budding takes place.

If we watch carefully, we will begin to see a seasonal change in our local populations of our favorite birds as they arrive to stake out their claims to favorite nesting places and begin to mate for an early hatching.

The local hardware and garden stores will be bringing in chicks and ducklings, as well as bunnies and the stores' own displays of seeds and bulbs to make us wish it was already April.

April will come soon enough, but March is a long 31 days capped by March Madness basketball championships, spring football practice, and all the sports that draw us well-prepared to bleachers and fields of friendly strife, if only the China Virus will alow it.

Use the time wisely. Visit a modern library and see what has changed, including the overdue fines. Try out one of the new restaurants that have sprung up with the hoped for economic recovery. Plant the cold frame, greenhouse, or at least something that can thrive in a south-facing window.

Start something, finish something, but put off nothing that tomorrow you will wish you had already completed.

Before you know it March will be gone with the wind, and sunny days mixed with rainy days will be the new pattern going forward.


© 2016, 2021 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.

Time doesn't wait, it marches on.


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