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Tips for Finding the Best Foot Massage Machines

Updated on April 20, 2014
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Feet are the body parts which are often neglected by many people. With walking being the most simple mode of transport, the feet are forced to walk thousands of steps each day. For these reasons, it is not surprising that they often hurt badly at times, when we travel long distances or go through miles of walking either to work or school. It is important to treat your feet from time to time and you can do this with help of best foot massage machines available in the market.

When you've decided that you need a foot massager, you begin to look at your local stores. However, you quickly realize that they don't come at cheap prices. Just like any other normal purchase, you can probably research and compare prices of these massagers. However, if you visit local stores in your area then it might become too expensive to buy a foot massage machine. It's normally observed that the best deals are not found in physical stores but rather available through websites for online shopping.

With the rise of modern technology, thousands of massage products have been flooded into the market. Some machines work in an automated manner to relax the muscles of the feet through vibrations, while others have more manual functions where feet can be rolled to a board with fake wooden teeth to relieve pain of tired muscles. Some of the best foot massagers are the electric foot massagers, shiatsu foot massagers and foot and calf massagers. All of these are characterized based on their functionality.


Steps to Choosing the Best Foot Massagers

Choosing the best foot massager is a tedious task with thousands of options available in the market, but steps can be taken to choose the best. The best foot massager can also take the form of a massage therapist, who knows the precise pressure points to stimulate your feet. Therefore, a person might be able to get the most relief, when using these machines.

First Step

The first step to choose the best foot massagers is to know your feet. In order to do this, you would need to answer the following questions.

1. What is the amount of feet pain you experience at end of the day? Is this the only pain you experience?

2. Do your lower legs also hurt after hours of work?

3. Do your toes often get hard after wearing heels?

4. Do your feet muscles feel bad, apparently grouped in knots?

Knowing what part of your foot hurts will help you distinguish that what is the best foot massager for you. Hydro-therapy is perfect for aching joints and hardened muscles. Some electric foot massagers completely ignore the calf muscles and focus on your feet. On the other hand, some of them only focus on calves while not on the feet.

Second Step

The second step is to choose the best foot massagers is to choose the specific type of foot massager for you. The Best foot massager always compliments with your lifestyle. If you're a busy person, who does not have the time to collect the water for a relaxing hydrotherapy then water-based foot massage is not for you. Electric foot vibrating massagers, roll and shiatsu foot massagers are best for people with hectic lifestyles. However, if you are concerned about skin of your feet and you have noticed that your heels are coming off a bit dry, then a water-based foot massage will suit you best. Hydro-therapy can help to cope up with dryness by hydrating your skin. Additionally, you can also use various lotions and salt solutions, which can be mixed into hot water to create a mixture that is purely relaxing.

HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager
HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

Third Step

The third step and the final step for choosing the best foot massager is, of course, extensive research. There are hundreds of useful reviews available online about best foot massage machines available in the market. So, you'll never run out of information! Ask your friends about what worked best for them. However, you should also keep in mind that what works for them does not necessarily work for you as well!

If a foot massager does not help you to get rid of the pain, then a massage therapist who specializes in treating foot pain should definitely do the trick.


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