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Tips for Doing a Fast

Updated on June 7, 2021

Yom Kippur

The hardest short fast is the one practiced by observant Jews on Yom Kippur.

For twenty five hours no food nor water is taken.

The fast begins at sundown and goes on until an hour or so past the next sun down; ending is when three stars appear in the sky.

As this fast has been practiced for thousands of years how it is accomplished without difficulty or danger needs be expressed.

The Day

A few weeks before the Fast you drink a lot of water. Even if you are running to the loo every quarter hour, keep drinking the water to hydrate your system.

Cut down on coffee, remove salt and sugar. Eat an ‘athletes’ died of carbohydrates; mostly bland tasting stuff, and grains.

A few days before the fast, increase the water intake, and remove most spices so that the food is even blander. (think cardboard)

The last meal should be little protein, a lot of carbs, a lot of vegetables.

Don’t think about food and don’t engage in much physical activity. The most active part of your body should be your brain.

You will find that you, (as you are not intaking liquids) will be thirsty but not hungry.

At the end of the Fast you will take water or other hydrating beverage, then a bland soup. After about an hour you should eat a light meal.

You will feel sleepy during the fast period because your body is trying to conserve energy, so unless you are doing it as a religious observance, may find yourself napping during the day of your fast.

Water/No Food

When people describe fasts it is simply not eating solid food but intaking drinks. Part of a health fast is to cleanse your system, so when you are fasting for health you usually begin with a ‘wash out’.

Castor Oil is useful here, because you want to remove all past wastes, so using the little room and drinking water and other liquids is the technique.

If you’ve never fasted before you will find it difficult, so work up to it slowly.

Basic How-To For an Easy Fast

Doing Your First Fast

Get up early, eat a small breakfast, drink a lot of liquids, then take a wash out which should 'kick in’ within a few hours. Eat nothing after that small breakfast and let the laxative do its work, drinking water and juice all day long.

By late evening the laxative ought have completed its task.
Eat nothing until the next day.

The next week, do it again.

Give yourself a break for three weeks, then repeat day one. Eat nothing, drink juices, and keep going to the little room until you are empty.

Your next fast should be a full day of no solid food. Your last meal ought have been the night before. Take your laxative, either the night before or early morning. Intake no food, just a lot of liquid.

Two months later, repeat process.

The times are adjustable depending on your fortitude, your health and your weight.

Cleaning and Fasting

Cleaning your system and fasting go hand in hand.

Many people who have gotten high colonic, (a super enema) are shocked by how much waste comes out of their bodies.

Elvis Presley, who suffered from constipation, was often twenty pounds lighter after a cleansing.

Much of the food we eat is ‘junk’. And that junk just sits there. Getting rid of it is the first priority. Combining it with a fast is common sense. First clean before you use.

Strange connections

There are many people who have ‘perverse’ relationships with food and eating which they don’t appreciate until they try to fast.

Food is love!’ blurted the Fat Man.

“Eating feels as good as Sex” says the Fat Woman.

Any question why they are fat?

Somehow the ‘oral’ gratification infants are said to experience is carried far beyond baby hood. Obesity for these people is more a psychological problem manifesting as over eating.

This psychological problem may never be discovered until a fast is seen as torture and one suffers a feeling of extreme insecurity, fear, and feeling unloved. Food has become the ‘lover’.

Food is...

Other times food has become the fill-in.

Years ago, bored, one would light a cigarette, now one eats something.

Finding something to do with your hands is a way to cut down your intake.

Being occupied with knitting, painting, sculpture, anything that gets both hands involved and relaxes the mind will act as an anti-eating habit.

Many people have become unconscious of their eating. They are constantly stuffing their face with something as a habit not out of hunger.

Others tend to ‘clean their plate’, the more food, the more they eat. By getting a smaller plate, they eat less.

Be conscious of what food means to you, and how you feel 'denied' it, and you'll gain an insight into your character.


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