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What You Want When You Turn 50- Fifty And Fabulous!

Updated on May 16, 2013
Turning 50 is not just a number, It's a statement!
Turning 50 is not just a number, It's a statement!

On Turning Fifty

Looking in the mirror at my greying hair and not so glowing skin I feel can feel my fiftieth birthday looming over me. But when I hear the compliments and notice how well I feel, I know that I am turning 50 gracefully. I actually am in better shape than when I was 35.

It is true that you are what you eat. Having been in the beauty field for over 2 and a half decades I have seen peoples skin and health change before my eyes. I can see how a person takes care of themselves and know what they will be dealing with health wise in a few years and beyond if they don't change their habits.

You can reverse signs of aging from changing bad habits. I've done it. I have had kidney issues, lung concerns, body pains and weight gain that was out of controlled until I took control.

I am turning 50 and feel blessed to have the knowledge to take care of my body and skin without the stress of thinking the man is just pushing another magic aging product on me. And I share this article with you because I know everyone did not have the resources I had to learn and know what to do.

I do love when people think that I am much young than my years but I also let them know that you can start turning back or slowing down the aging process by taking care of your body today.

Your body has the wonderful ability to respond to great treatment. Our magnificent artwork is beautiful beyond our comprehension and will surprise you when challenged. Here are a few of my pictures taking this year (2012) while I am still 49.

40 years old (2000)
40 years old (2000)
Turnng Fifty! (2012)
Turnng Fifty! (2012)
I will get new glasses!
I will get new glasses!


Ideas For Turning 50

When turning 50 one can not help but to reflect on the past years and future years. The 50th birthday is a milestone we only come to once. My suggestion to anyone turning 50 is to stop being so serious about life.

I understand the pressures of finance and work but what I am suggesting is that you embrace the loved ones that have always been around you during your life journey.

Go on dates with your partners and children. Spend real time to really get to know the people dearest to you. Many people wait until they are over 70 to wish they slowed down and regret that they lost touch with great friends and their own family members.

It's too easy today to keep in touch with the people you love and admire. You can follow them on twitter or say hello on facebook. Go to open up an account and find your friends.

Put in (nice) pictures of yourself doing new things and encourage your friends to do the same. This will give you something to talk about and your will find yourself giggling like a school girl/boy again. I know what you've heard " Get your life back!"

Here are a few ideas I have for turning 50

  • Take a plane/train trip just for fun.
  • Get a facial and learn how to take care of your skin.
  • Begin an exercise program/self defense or take dance class.
  • Take a class in art,photography or learn another language.
  • Update your skills for more rewarding work.
  • Get a physical at least once a year.
  • Get the latest computer gadget and let a younger person teach you how to use it.I am getting a tablet (mini computer).


Don't make your idea of a perfect body image be your problem. Eat right and be healthy! Your body image shouldn't matther as much as the health of your body. Of course we all have in mind what we want to look like but when we are naked, it is what it is! You know what I'm talking about! But when your naked love your body and others will too.


Wear clothe that fit and compliment your body type. Great fitting clothe will give you confidence. Again don't allow something out of your control take your confidence away. Your confidence and appeal will attract those worthy of sharing your space.


Once I was over 40 I decided then that I would concentrate on enjoying the beautiful free things life has to offer. Sex for one. Having good sex and enjoying the touch and feel of it can be amazing and keep us young. We are taught to be so wound up that we think of sex as a job. NO More! Human touch and sex keep us young! Read this interesting article about sex and staying young.

Get your sexy back! Learn how to initiate sex and romance again it will keep you and your love on your feet (figurative speaking). Wear sexy clothing or undergarments this will make you feel good inside and certainly the world will notice.


Taking care of your 50 and over skin is a must. Your skin has the tell tell signs to your age. Did you know that not wearing SPF and washing your face with a shower gel will accelerate the aging process? Take very good care of all of the skin from your head to your toes. Use daily cleansers and moisturisers to maintain the elasticity and regain a more youthful appearance.


Taking care of your health is very important if your want to have energy, restful sleep and a long painfree life. Taking little steps like a 30 minute dail walk. Changing from fried to baked foods or quit smoking can add years onto your life.

I made a personal choice to remove the toxins from my body twice a year with the master cleanse. (Don't do this unless you've learned how safely and always check with your doctor.) Look at the video to your right.


Maintain a balance of work play spiritual/meditate and health in your life. If one is off balanced it affects the others. You can not play with your pet or grandchildren if your not fit and healthy. You will not have new experiences in water or outdoors if your body is weak.

Know yourself. Take time to be grateful and meditate for the blessings and gifts you have. Give back and feed your soul. Giving back is such an incredibly amazing experience.

Enjoy the special people in your life. Life isn't that serious that you can't make some time on a regular basis to connect with a real person offline. Do it!

Closing Advice On Turning 50

Turning 50 is not the beginning of the end. It is the new 40 or dare to feel 30 years old. Take this time in your life to take control and be better. Help someone, help yourself, step up and change that drab wardrobe from your old underwear to your winter coats. Change your glasses! I've seen some pretty old glasses and I am guilty of it too. Just look at my pictures! I will get new stylish glasses..I will.

  • Fit
  • Active
  • Beautiful
  • Unbelievable
  • Loving
  • Outstanding
  • Useful
  • Sexy

Turn fifty and love yourself more.My advice to you on turning fifty is to turn fifty and be fabulous!


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