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Tips on Healthy and Safe Weight Gain - Diet For Gaining Weight Fast

Updated on April 23, 2011

If you are looking forward towards gaining weight, then it is recommended to gain it in a healthy and safe way. Don’t think that beer will help you gain weight. You need to stop all sources of empty calories (fast food, sweets, etc.), as all these things cause more fat deposition and metabolism meltdown and are unsafe for your overall health. So below are a few tips on healthy weight gain followed by a diet plan to gain weight fast. Now increase your weight and get good muscle growth in a natural and safe way:

  1. Beware: Those who have a tummy will have to go a bit low on carbohydrates also because excess carbs will get accumulated as fat in the body.
  2. Food sources like fish, egg whites, and pretty much all other sources of protein should be consumed.
  3. Maximum of six egg whites per day (Heart patients please consult your doc before this move, egg whites are very low on cholesterol, but still it is better to get an expert opinion to be on the safe side).
  4. Rice or bread or chapatti or other carbohydrates (only for those without a tummy): Please eat till you are satisfied.
  5. Intake of food varies for people with different body types, so limit your intake when you are full and don’t overeat.
  6. For those with a protuberant tummy, take carbohydrates till you think your stomach is half full, that’s usually enough to take you on till your next meal of the day. Do not eat to full, as if you will eat full to the stomach, you will gain weight but not a healthy one as you will also grow your tummy.
  7. Regarding fat content in weight gain diet, it is best to keep them from moderate to low. Though some fats do help in muscle growth, they are a temptation and beginners can do best to stay away from them for the time being till you get a better muscular structure.

Now here is your fast weight gain diet plan:

  1. For breakfast, drink two glasses of milk followed by a bowlful of cereal or bacon and eggs, two large slices of toast with jelly and butter. For morning snacks, have one glass of milk and a peanut-butter sandwich.
  2. For lunch, have again one glass of milk, after 10 minutes any soup and then two meat sandwiches (you can also have peanut butter) followed by your preferred dessert.
  3. For evening, take one glass of milk and a cake or pie.
  4. For dinner, again a glass of milk and then after 15 minutes a meat recipe either curry or snacks that contains very less oil and spices. Some boiled potatoes and vegetables can also be taken as pulao or biryani followed by two slices of butter and bread and a light dessert.
  5. Before going to bed, preferably nearing midnight, have any light sandwich and one glass of milk.

So according to the above diet plan for gaining weight safely, you will be having seven glasses of milk in a day and consuming other healthy and safe food items. There is one important thing that I would like to say here and that is people who have irritable bowel syndrome and/or lactose intolerance or have an allergy to milk, can leave milk and take curd or buttermilk with the above meals. This meal plan will surely help you gain weight fast but remember to continue doing your fitness workouts if you want to look muscular. Also, some people experience weight gain in no time and for them exercising is the best way to maintain weight. Best of luck for your increased weight gain results.


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    • njmanura profile image

      Dr Manura Nanayakkara 

      6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Exercise is a very important way to gain weight.


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