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Tips on How to Have a Well Toned Butt

Updated on July 15, 2014

A well toned butt is important especially to ladies. This is because it makes them look beautiful regardless of the type of clothing that they wear. For you to have a well toned butt you need to put a number of tips into consideration:

Do Toning Exercises

There are many exercises that can help you have a well toned butt. Some of the most beneficial ones are:

Hip Lifts: here you need to lie on your back with your hands at your sides and your knees bent at a 45 degree angle. Keeping your feet on the floor, you should lift up your hips. You should hold in this position for at least 10 seconds and then move your hips to the floor.

Squats with Dumbbells: here you need to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart while holding a five-pound dumbbell in your hands.

You should then squat down as if you are sitting on air. For ideal results you should ensure that you keep your back straight. You should hold in this position for a few seconds and then return to a standing position as you squeeze your glutes.

Plie: this move requires you to stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. For ideal results you should ensure that your toes are pointing outwards.

Keeping your back straight, you should lower yourself to a squatting position. You should hold in this position for a few minutes and then use your glutes to come back up to a standing position. For ideal results you should do this exercise for at least five times.

Have an Active Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health as it forces you to store extra fat in your body. A sedentary lifestyle also brings about cellulite which makes you look ugly.

To avoid this you should lead an active lifestyle. If you have a desk job, you should regularly get up and walk around especially during breaks. You can also consider walking to work or to school in order to have a butt of your desires.

Eat Right

In addition to exercising, you also need to eat right. This calls for you to eat a balanced diet. To be on the safe side you should eat foods that will help you build muscles. Some of the great foods that you should take are lean proteins.

Excellent lean proteins that you should take include: fish, tofu, turkey, and chicken. You should also take plenty of fruits and vegetables. To have plenty of fiber in your body you should take plenty of whole grains.

Practice Regularly

You can’t have a well toned butt by practicing for only one day; you need to practice regularly. Experts recommend that you should practice everyday. To keep yourself motivated, it’s recommended that you take progress photos each week.

If you find yourself getting bored of exercising, you should find an exercise buddy. The exercise buddy can be anyone from your sister to your husband. When choosing an exercise buddy you need to ensure that he/she has the same interests as you.

Butt and Inner Thigh Workouts


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