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Tips on Improving Your Memory in a Fun Way

Updated on March 25, 2013

Wouldn’t it be great if you could never forget your friend’s birthday? But, unfortunately everyone doesn’t have such photographic memory. As we get older our memory power decreases and we tend to forget things around us. Unfortunately this has been the reality for almost all of us. But, still there are ways that can help you change your lifestyle in such a way that will improve your memory by decreasing the pace of your memory lose process. Here are some tips that I will suggest you to integrate in your lifestyle for enjoying an improved memory as long as you will live.

  • Sleep properly: Proper sleep is crucial for memory improvement. If you maintain a habit of sleeping 7-8 hours a night, it will surely improve your memory. When we sleep our brain reorganizes the memory with newly acquired information and regular interruption in this process can damage our memory capacity. You should also apply some relaxation techniques before going to bed for a better memory capacity.

  • Cross pollination of interests: Keeping your mind fertile and sharp is a must for memory improvement. You should have interest on diverse factors and things and should try new things whenever you have an opportunity to do so. Neurons of our brain connect with the existing neurons and thus help us using our knowledge and ability in numerous new ways which is a sign of memory improvement.

  • Teach people: Teaching can be a very effective practice for memory improvement. While teaching others or helping others to learn something, you are applying your knowledge and skills in number of different ways to make things easy. Thus your brain is getting sharper and active which improves memory power.

  • Use mnemonic devices: Tricks of mnemonic are very important for memory improvement and assistance. These tricks are used to remember a lot of information in an easier way. Some tricks are so helpful and effective that you will be able to recall huge information even after years. This is one of the most crucial tips that I am suggesting you to follow for the second time in the same article.

  • Write it down: If you really want to remember information for a long, you must write it down. Doing this you will increase the oxygenated blood flow in your brain which will help your memory capacity. To improve your memorizing capacity you can start your blog or something else that will make you write down things quiet often.

  • Take break: When you do something repeatedly sitting in one place, some invisible stress is created which must not go on. To lighten the stress and to bring changes both in mental and physical perspective you must take a break. I would like suggesting you not to do anything in a non-stop manner. Every hour (working hour) you should take a 5-15 minutes break which will let your brain to relax for a while and to absorb the information you need to remember.

  • Listen to music: Studies have proved that listening to music can be a good way to recall memories. The information that you learned while listening to any particular music can be easily recalled just by playing the music even after several years!

  • Maintain a brain friendly food habit: Almost 50-60% of our brain’s total weight is pure fat which plays a vital role in insulating billions of nerve cells. How fast you can think and how fast your brain cells can send message depend on how well the cells are insulated. So, you must maintain a food habit that ensures proper mix of fat to improve your memory. Green and dark leaf vegetables and fish can be the ideal choice in this case.

  • Try out Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba has been known for its excellence in resolving memory loss problem for centuries. It is a Chinese natural supplement which is also used in other countries. It is also known to be an effective mood enhancer that helps our mind to be active and fit. So, this can be helpful for you and if you wish you can make a try.

  • Regular Stretching: Though our brain holds only 2% of our overall body weight, it holds almost 15% of the total blood flow. So, keeping the arteries of brain unclogged and open is crucial for maintaining healthy brain and this is why regular stretching and exercising is important. For a relaxed mood, greater flexibility and higher energy level stretching can be an ideal solution and once all these are obtained, long-term memory is guaranteed.

  • Collaboration: Proper collaboration and interaction with others is always better than working alone and this also increases memory power and improves our memorizing ability.

This is obvious that all of us will have to face some sort of memory loss issues in future and there is less exception. But, what we can do is to develop a lifestyle that includes the mentioned tips for improving our memory to some extent.


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  • rasta1 profile image

    Marvin Parke 

    5 years ago from Jamaica

    I m try my best at the moment. I am grateful for the memory tips that you have provided.

  • adrienne2 profile imageAUTHOR

    Adrienne F Manson 

    5 years ago from Atlanta

    Thanks Bruce, and Better yourself for giving my hub a read. Thanks for the vote!

  • Born2care2001 profile image

    Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 

    5 years ago from Asheville NC

    Hi Adrienne2,

    I really enjoyed the way you presented this Hub. A vital area for an aging population and I will take away some motivation to improve my own memory!

    I let you know how it turns out!

    Thank you!


    Voted up++

  • Better Yourself profile image

    Better Yourself 

    5 years ago from North Carolina

    Very Interesting hub! I've heard blueberries are good for memory as well.


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