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Tips on getting the most out of online personal training

Updated on March 18, 2011
Personal Trainer in Melbourne, Australia.
Personal Trainer in Melbourne, Australia.

Online personal training is a great option for many people who are looking to get into shape. This applies to anyone who's trying to lose weight, although specific goals will change from one individual to the next. There are online programs available for most goals ranging from weight loss and general well being all the way through to more advanced body building programs, and everything in between.

Why choose online personal training?

The reasons for choosing an online personal training program will vary. In many cases, the client may not be able to train in person with their desired trainer due to simply living too far away from their area of business. An online program enables you to work with your preferred personal trainer, even if they live all the way across town or even on the other side of the earth.

Online programs are also available for those who wish to train in the privacy of their own home, and these programs can incorporate a variety of forms of exercise equipment, or no equipment at all.

This is also usually a more affordable, inexpensive way to achieve your fitness goals.

What to look for in a great online personal training program?

To get results from any training program, it needs to be specific to your goals and cater to your needs. For example; if you are a vegetarian, you need a vegetarian program. Similarly you would probably not purchase a weight loss program if your goal is not related to weight loss.

A great program will have information and mechanisms in place to fine tune the training and meal plan to suit your unique requirements. Rather than just being a diet and exercise program, there should also be an educational component that teaches you the HOWS and WHYS of a healthier lifestyle conducive to your goals. For example, HOW to correctly perform the exercises, and WHY some food choices are better than others.

How to get the most out of your online training package?

To get the best results and best value from your training program, you must follow the program fully and consistently.

Merely performing the exercises without following the meal plan will probably not produce great results. Half heartedly following the meal plan but still consuming junk food snacks, sugary or alcoholic beverages regularly is another sure fire method of short changing yourself on results. 

As for the exercise portion of the program, you must train hard and regularly in accordance with the program. Be sure to complete all of the exercises, and do not just pick the ones that target certain body parts at the expense of others. Even if your main concern is toning up the thighs or trimming the waistline, it's still important to perform a full body workout. 


To ensure success you must make a strong commitment to following your online program just as closely as you would if your trainer was present in person to hold you accountable. Train hard, make intelligent meal choices, and don't skim over the educational sections of the package. 

As far as leverage and accountability goes, keeping an online blog or journal related to your progress is a very useful tool to maintain your motivation.


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