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Tips on how to grow taller through exercise

Updated on September 28, 2015

It has been said that your height is genetically decided. What this means is if your parents are tall, you are most likely to be tall; and God help you if even one of your parents is short. For then you have a fifty percent chance of being short or of medium height. Anyone who is short is ridiculed and the butt of jokes among peers and colleagues. Life is not easy for those of us who are short. But there is no need to despair if you are short, because it has now been proven that there are ways and means of increasing your height. So if you are one of those people who want to add a few inches to their height, then this article is meant for you.

Height can be gained naturally by a well charted exercise program for increasing height. Below are given helpful tips to grow taller. The tips are designed to show you ways to grow taller.

Tips to grow taller include exercise that will improve the posture, strengthen the core muscles and promote growth hormone production by the body. Together this combination will help in increasing height. Try out the following exercises and witness the results yourself.

Hanging by the Arms

Simple as it may sound, hanging from parallel bars is an excellent way to increase your height. You might wonder how hanging from parallel bars can help increase your height! What happens is over the years gravity takes its course and compresses the spinal column and all the joints in the body, which in turn squashes the cartilages. The constant compression and crushing of the spine and joints, results in reduction of height. When you do the hanging exercise, you help release the pressure between the vertebrae and also stretch the spine to its maximum. This simple exercise done over a period of time can increase the height by at least 2 inches. Hanging from parallel bars is easy to do and does not require any training or expertise. Be sure to hang from the bar for at least 30 seconds continuously. It might be difficult at first, but with time this can be achieved. Repeat the hanging exercise at least 5 times. The more you hang the quicker and better the results will be.

Alternate Leg Kick

This exercise is akin to swimming, but is not done in the pool. The exercise concentrates on the lower back; strengthening it and giving it a firmness that can make you stand tall. To do this exercise you will need to lay on your stomach on a flat and firm surface. Stretch out your body to the fullest. Your body must be taut and stretched tight. With your chin resting on the floor, stretch your arms out in front of your face with the palms facing downwards. This is the starting position. Raise your right arm a few inches from the floor and simultaneously lift your left leg too off the floor as far up as you can without bending the knee. Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly come back to starting position. Repeat the same exercise with the left arm and right leg. Repeat the exercise and gradually increase the number of repetitions and the time you can hold the position in the exercise. This exercise will tone the lower back. You might ask how this can help in increasing height. Well, a toned back can stay upright easily. There is no slouch, which can be responsible for decreasing height by a few inches.

Word of Advice

The key to increasing height through these exercises is by doing them regularly and consistently. The body will begin to show results over a period of time. Remember to increase the duration and intensity of the exercises for best results. Follow a balanced diet along with these exercises. Also engage yourself in other physical activities whenever possible. Swimming, cycling and basketball are fun activities that can be incorporated along with grow taller exercises. These activities stimulate the body to produce growth hormones while strengthening the core.

Apart from following an exercise regime a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins can also help gain height. Specially formulated supplements are packed with the right nutrients that can boost a spurt in height. Supplements developed for gaining height are clinically tested and known to have favorable results.

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    • profile image 3 years ago

      I want to increase my height by 3-4 inches in 6 weeks... can u please forward tips & daily diet & exercise chart to my mail

    • profile image

      Deepak singh 3 years ago

      At this time my height is 5.7 and my age is 18 . I want to be 6.2 So plz suggest me on my email

    • profile image

      Devinder 3 years ago

      My hight 5.4 I want it to become 6 so plzz suggest me on my email

    • profile image

      Riya 3 years ago

      I m 16 years old n my height is 5 i wnt it to become 6 so plzzz suggest me on my email

    • profile image

      Husain Ahmad 4 years ago

      I'm 21 years old.

      Before I was tall more than now.

      Day by day I'm going to short.

      Please tell me what is the reason..?

    • profile image

      deepak 4 years ago

      sir m 17 years old,bt my height is i want to increase at least 4/5 kindly suggest me sir