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Tips to Avoid Arthritis

Updated on June 26, 2010

 Pain is an issue we tend to try and avoid. And when we happen to see someone with the effects of Arthritis I'm sure you wonder how you can avoid that right? We see how difficult it really is for someone with any type of Arthritis to be able to move, pick things up, button things etc.

So here are some tips to preventing Arthritis.....

1) Maintaining motion is a key. For example. Keep exercising. And if you aren't exercising START! I really hope you don't think you can keep your joints preserved by not using them. The phrase "use it or lose it" is a perfect example of this. And the exercising doesn't have to be strenuous. Walking, biking, jogging and even swimming are helpful. You really want to use your joints full range of motion.

2) Strengthening the muscles helps to. You are likely to get arthritis in a joint that has had some serious trauma in your life. Even if it doesn't occur until years after the trauma, it still can happen. So do what you can to avoid further damage or any damage at all. If you work in a strenuous job then wear protective hear, such as braces on the knees or elbows and back. Remember that your joints are mechanical, and like all mechanical devises, they will wear out eventually. Keep the body moving, but don't strain it beyond what it is capable of doing.

3) Eat healthy. Though there isn't a diet out there to help prevent Arthritis, but eating healthy can help. For example, eating healthy can keep off excess weight. And being overweight can exacerbate the pain of arthritis and damage your joints tremendously.

In the end though, genetics play a key role in weather or not you will end up getting arthritis. So in the end it is best if you take preventative measures now to avoid the pain of the arthritis later.


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    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      Hm. Well @ 78 and still agile, I am aware of preventative measures, which I practice and appreciate the reminder, gqgirl. Years ago my finger began to feel a little stiff. My knuckles have always been big compared to my skinny fingers, actually. So I made a conscious choice to keep using them and keep them limber. I play the piano and, of course, type here - full-keyboard, 10-finger typing and very rapidly. They're still quite limber and agile.

      So - yes - exercise is very important. Staying active and interested is essential if one is to avoid being invalid. And diet counts for much more than weight control. The body needs proper nutrients - fruits and vegetables are rich in those, grains and other foods in moderation. And even more importantly - there are foods which have negative effects and they are to be avoided or eaten VERY moderately - certain fats and sweets, things full of bad things and empty of good ones. Also one needs to drink lots of clear water. Beverages full of harmful stuff which put a burden on the body to process and be rid of just cause many maladies to thrive. And when you think about it, poisons in the system impact the joints, which need to be lubricated with moisture. Water helps flush out the poisons and lubricate and hydrate all body parts, and certainly the joints. We wouldn't let the gears in our car dry out and expect them to run smoothly. We give the motors the kind of lubrication which is befitting to them. The kind befitting our 'gears' is good old water - on the inside!

      Anyway - that's from experience, for what it's worth. And the ideal time to take action is BEFORE the problem starts. But it's never too late to build good health habits. The sooner the better. Much easier to maintain a healthy body all along than to repair and restore one that's become unhealthy. But it's never too late.

      Thanks again for reminding us all to take care of our joints. And it's wise to think of the body as a whole, complete engine, which does its best when it's all used, nourished properly and kept hydrated.

      hugs.. . .