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Tips to Know if You're Dreaming

Updated on September 11, 2012
Sleeping. | Source

Are You Awake or Asleep?

Are you dreaming right now that you're reading this or are you really awake, sitting somewhere in the 3rd dimension world and reading this sentence?

It might seem like a silly question but as far as knowing when you're asleep goes, it's good to ask.

That's because when you're in the middle of the dream, most people do not stop to think, "Hey. I'm only dreaming here," although almost all of us have had the experience of realizing within a dream that it's just a dream.

And how often do you wake up from an absolutely ridiculous dream that makes no sense and "realize you were only dreaming" because you absolutely believed you were living in that dream, instead of asleep on your bed, only dreaming it?

How to Have Out of Body Experiences and Astral Travel This article talks about how to experience the astral world through awareness in sleep.

Introducing the 5th Dimension, the Astral World

There is a theory that there is another dimension, called the 5th dimension, or Astral plane, that our astral body goes to when we sleep. This dimension has matter in it that is influenced by thoughts. That is why if you realize you are dreaming, you can walk through a door, stretch your finger very long, fly, and other fun stuff that you can't do here on Earth in the 3rd dimension, where matter is influenced by actionabled thought. That means that someone can build a chair out of a tree but the chair does not exist except in their mind until they actually saw the tree down and hammer and nail a chair into existence. In the Astral world, or 5th dimension, you only have to think it and then the chair would appear.

You can test out this theory when you are aware that you are dreaming by imagining different things and seeing if they do in fact appear out of thin air in front of you (or where you imagine them being).

The Habit of Testing if You are Dreaming

If you get in the habit of testing whether or not you are in the astral world or in the 3rd dimension in your waking life, you'll carry that habit into your sleeping life. Then you can become aware that you are sleeping and experiment in the astral world.

Experimentation, Anyone?

How to Fly in Your Dreams
How to practice the art of flying in your dreams.

How to Test

  • The more aware of your surroundings and the outside world around you, in the present moment, that you are, the more easy it will be to be aware of the dream world around you when you're sleeping. So practice staying aware of what is going on around you instead of getting sucked into your own thoughts and daydreams.

  • Since you can walk through walls and put your hand through matter in the dream world, see if you can do that in daily life. You may be certain you can't, but try as though you can, at least with something that won't hurt you, like putting your finger through a ruler. You won't be able to do it (without breaking the ruler) in the 3D world, but in the 5th dimension, it should be a piece of cake.

  • Similarly, you can try flying. You know it's possible to fly in dreams so try flying (somewhere safe) in the 3D world. NOTE I did NOT say jump off a building. Just try jumping up from the ground. If you lift off, you're in a dream.

  • If you notice things around you are changing of their own accord, or strange objects are appearing, or things just don't seem right, you might figure out that you are dreaming and not living in the 3D world.

  • You can try stretching your hands and fingers which will stretch out long in the astral but not at all in daily life. Just try it, believing that they will stretch. If they do, you're in the astral, and if they don't, oh well, just try again in your sleep.

  • If you hear music playing but cannot find its source, you may be dreaming.

  • If something is odd about the situation, rather than go along with it, see if you're in the astral or just an odd situation in daily life.

  • Remember how people say "pinch yourself". I haven't tested this because pinching myself hurts. But if it doesn't bother you, it might work. But what if pinching yourself also hurts in the astral? This needs further experimentation, maybe you want to try it!

  • Get in the habit of "Mindful Meditation" which is becoming aware of your thinking and thoughts and emotions, so that you don't get as carried away with situations and can make good, clear decisions that are rationale. This is a helpful habit to have and will help you realize you are dreaming quite regularly.

  • Often toward early morning you will realize you are dreaming more often than earlier in the night when you are deeply asleep and subconscious.

Sweet Dreams

Now that you know how to test when you are sleeping or dreaming I wish you sweet dreams! I hope you are able to gain understanding from your dreams and have fun experimenting with lucid dreaming and the astral world.


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    • carozy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from San Francisco

      My friend also had that experience of having an out of body experience while being operated on. She said she looked down from the ceiling and saw doctors operating on her knee. She didn't mention that she felt afraid. From what I learned about astral projection, the body is asleep but the mind is awake. However there are other ideas like it can be explained by different brain parts being activated. I don't know but I have had different experiences after I tried concentration exercises recommended in books. As for spiritual experiences, I think that depends on the person. You are supposed to be tied to your body with a "silver cord" when you sleep or astral project so you do not escape it, and as with scary dreams/fear/strong emotion will snap you back into your body and wake you up.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      5 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      I very rarely dream, or maybe I very rarely remember that I dreamed. If I do remember some part of a dream, I don't remember it for long. If I ever start dreaming again and start remembering my dreams, I might try your experiments.

      Back in the 1980s I owned a used book store and had a customer who would tell me about his out of body astral travels. I don't think he had to be asleep to go out of body. He had some procedure to get in the right mood, and then, if I remember right, he (in his astral body) would go out the top of his head. He tried some experiments, like having someone put something in a room that he could not know about unless he went there in astral form and saw it, but the experiments were inconclusive, because the reality he observed in his astral body did not exactly match the reality he observed in his physical body. He told of traveling to the moon and various places on earth and of meeting the spirits of people who recently died, such as in an accident, and explaining to them that they were deasd and of meeting demons and chasing them away with the sign of the cross.

      These were casual conversations more or less 25 years ago, and I don't know how accurate my memory is.

      My mother had an out of body experience when she was a girl during a hospital stay for scarlet fever. She said (several decades later) that leaving her body felt yucky, that she would not like to experience that again, and that during the crisis she observed her body and its hospital care from above near the ceiling.

      Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, advised against astral travel, saying that it is better to spiritualize the body than to escape it.


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