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Tips to make your child eat fruits and vegetables

Updated on July 9, 2011

Parents often struggle to get children eat the daily recommended fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy diet for children. Find creative ways to encourage fruits and veggies in your child's diet. Here are some ideasĀ  and tips to make your child eat more fruits and vegetables.

Feed fruits and vegetables to kids

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables

Tips to make kids eat healthy fruits and veggies

1. You can get your children involved in the food shopping. This is a great way to teach kids about how fruits and veggies can keep them healthy. You can also encourage them to choose a variety of fruits and vegetables.

2. Ask your children plant and harvest their favorite vegetables in the garden. This is great way to teach kids about gardening.

3. Let your children be a part of meal planning and preparation. Buy them aprons and let them start out by making their own food. They may even teach you a thing in the cooking process. Get yourchild involved in washing and peeling the fruits and veggies. Try to serve fruits and veggies at each meal. Top off cereals with fruits like strawberries and bananas. Add grated veggies to the side dishes and soup.

4. Try to give smaller portions of fruits and vegetables instead of larger portions.

5. Fruit smoothies and shakes are a delicious way for a portion of fruits. You can bannan milkshake, apple milkshake, strawberries and blue berries shakes.

6. Let the children decorate their own pizzas with tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and peppers that will later encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

7. You can add more veggeies to the soups and stews. Also you can steam their favorites vegetables with a little grated cheese. Serve veggies with a yogurt dip or veggies dip.

8. Cut the fruits into bite size pieces for kids. It can be more attractive for younger children.

9. children can get bored if you give same fruits and veggies everyday. You can try diffrent kinds of fruits like mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, and melon atleast once a week.

10. You can add cooked kidney beans, corn, peas, chick peas to the pasta and curries.

11. You can make fruits and vegetables fun particularly for young children. Let the children make faces with veggies like carrots for eyes, and baby corn for a nose.

12. Kids are turned off to try new foods if the color is not appealing to them. Mix colors atleast twice a week.

13. You can challenge kids to reach their daily fruits and veggies goal. Reward the child with a prize.

14. Salads is a great way to introduce vegetables. You can include lettuce and tomatoes in sandwiches.

15. Use fruits with desserts like fruit mixed with yogurt and rice pudding topped with fruit.

16. Always praise your children for trying a new fruit or vegetable that gives them a lot of encouragement.

Hope these tips help making your children eat more fruits and vegetables.


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