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Tips For Curing Insomnia Naturally

Updated on July 29, 2014

Curing Insomnia Naturally With Healthy Recipes

Having trouble falling asleep? Don' t go to a doctor to seek for medication so soon. There are some things we can try before going to see a doctor, like the healthy porridge recipes and herbal tea recipes. These healthy foods are much better than the prescribed medicine and are unlikely to bring side effects. When keep on using these recipes persistently for a long period of time, the insomnia condition will be reduced, and while we get to enjoy some natural healthy foods at the same time!

Tips, Porridge Recipes, Herbal Tea Recipes

Many people with insomnia might just go to a doctor for help, and usually just ended up with taking sleeping pills afterwards. However, they quite often overlook some natural remedies that can be taken on their own, to help ease the condition of insomnia. There are many side effects or even harmful effects from sleeping pills, so they should be avoided as much as possible. Alternatively some natural remedies like the following lists can be tried before going to a doctor. They are some tips for preventing insomnia, some recipes for curing insomnia, and a foot massage therapy.

The principles of diet for people with insomnia.

1. It it better to spread meals into several small meals, and also the amount of food taken

before bedtime should not be too much but not too little as well.

2. Avoid all spicy and pungent foods and drinks.

3. It is good to take in nutritious foods that have good quality of protein, vitamin B,

vitamin E, and vitamin C.

4. Consume foods that are rich in calcium such as seaweed.

5. Consume foods that are rich in fat for dinner.

6. We should aim to choose foods that fit our own physique. Also no matter what

we eat, we should avoid eating too much or eat indiscriminately.

7. For elderly patients with insomnia, it is advised not to drink alcoholic beverages or eat

foods that are high in fat for dinner. Rather, fresh soybean drink is a good choice to be

taken instead.

Recipes for curing insomnia:

1. Mulberry, lily, and jujube porridge:

Material: Mulberry 30 grams, lily 30 grams, 10 jujubes, 50 grams of Japonica rice,

honey 50 grams.

Efficacy: Nourishing heart yin, and soothing the nerves.

Indications: All types of insomnia, especially useful for people whose heart and spleen

are weak.

2. Wheat and red dates porridge:

Ingredients: wheat 50 grams, Japonica rice 100 grams, 5 jujubes, longan 15 grams.

Efficacy: Replenishing spleen and stomach, and soothing the uneasiness of mind.

Indications: Suitable for people whose heart and spleen are both weak.

3. Tremella and lotus seeds thick soup:

Materials: Tremella 10 grams, lotus seeds 25 grams, rock sugar 50 grams.

Efficacy: Nourishing heart yin and soothing the mind

Indications: All types of insomnia, particularly suitable for people whose internal

heat of the Yin is high.

Herbal tea recipes:

1. Mulberry Tea:

Material: Mulberry 15 grams

Instructions: Put 15 grams of mulberry into a pot, then add 500 ml of water and let it

boil. Then take out about 300 ml of the mulberry tea after boil.

Efficacy: Soothing the mind and uneasiness.

2. Lotus plumule tea:

Material: Lotus plumule 2 grams, licorice 3 grams

Instructions: Put the above two materials into a cup then add some boiling water. Then

cover it up and let brew for 10 minutes.

Efficacy: Soothing the mind and getting rid of restlessness.

3. Jujube and longans tea:

Material: 3 jujubes, dried longan 5 grams

Method: Wash the jujubes and make them enucleated. Then put them with longan into

a cup and add some boiling water and let it brew for 20 minutes.

Efficacy: Soothing the spleen and nourishing the nerves.

Foot Massage Therapy (Acupoint Massage) & Music

Method of operation:

Half an hour before going to sleep, put some hot water (about 42 ~ 45°C) in a basin and soak your feet in the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. After dry your feet, use two hands alternately to massage the acupoint of Yongquan under both feet for 3 minutes. Do the massage once daily and continue it for 15 times as a course of treatment.

While doing the foot massage therapy, it is a good idea to listen to some soothing music at the same time. One great music CD called “Pillow Music – Natural Deep Sleep” by David and Steve Gordon is specially designed to promote sleep. Since doing foot massage and having the soothing music that put you in a relaxed mode at the same time, the efficacy of this therapy session will quite likely be doubled. Please see the Amazon section for more information about this CD.

The Power of Soothintg Music

Listening to soothing music is a great way to relax. It is able to make us to drop all the worries and feeling at ease. The first time I played the Pillow Music album, it made me to feel as if the nature sounds were pulling me into the realm of nature. The nature sounds in the music were quite real that they made me to keep on imagining as if I was really into the nature world. The more I tried to imagine, the more it was felt as real.

Even though I didn’t fall asleep right away when I played the album, but I just kept on playing it and listening to it. I was quite enjoying the nature world being depicted by the vivid nature sounds. They made me to feel so relaxed and never got tired of listening to them. However the nature sounds and the imaginary world were getting more and more like a dream. By the time I was wondering why there was no music and no nature sounds anymore, I found that the album was played to the end and stopped, and I then realized that I had been falling asleep for a while!

Nutritional Supplements & Music

In order to ease the condition of insomnia, we need to have enough various nutrients to make sure our body is functioning properly and in good order. Besides the nutrients we obtain from our daily diet, it is a good idea to supply additional supplements just to make sure we don't miss any important nutrients.

Also it is a good idea to listen to soothing music to help you to get into sleep mode especially when you are in bed. A good choice of a music CD is "Pillow Music - Natural Deep Sleep" and there is also a set of relax melodies that you can customize to your like to help you fall asleep for Free!

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder with Vitamins and Probiotics - Raw Organic Plant Based Protein Shake, Sugar Free, Unflavored, 20.0oz (1 lb 4 oz / 568g) Powder
Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Powder with Vitamins and Probiotics - Raw Organic Plant Based Protein Shake, Sugar Free, Unflavored, 20.0oz (1 lb 4 oz / 568g) Powder

This protein powder is a very good choice to supply not only high quality protein but also many other essential nutrients. It can be mixed very well to food or beverage nicely and is an excellent foundation for a refreshing, high protein energy shake or smoothie.

Nature's Way Vitamin B-100 Complex, 100 Capsules
Nature's Way Vitamin B-100 Complex, 100 Capsules

Nature's Way Vitamin B helps to maintain the nerve structures and thus contributes to the proper functioning of the nerves in order to help sleep.

Pillow Music: Natural Deep Sleep
Pillow Music: Natural Deep Sleep

Pillow music is a fantastic mixing of instruments with the sounds from nature that is beautifully designed to put you at ease, relax, and into deep sleep.


Step-by-Step System To Cure Insomnia Naturally

There are many side effects of prescribed medicine, such as

-Horrible Headaches.

-Off-Balance Feelings.

-Profuse Night Sweats.

-Daytime Drowsiness.

-Diarrhea and Heart Burn.



In order to avoid all those horrible side effects, there is a digital program that is specially designed to teach people how to cure insomnia and sleep disorders naturally step-by-step, and is able to help you to

-Sleep even when under stress.

-Sleep during the day if you work night-shifts.

-Sleep without drugs or pills and avoid their side-effects.

-Sleep without needlessly changing your lifestyle.

-Wake the next morning feeling energized and well-rested.

-Improve your daytime concentration and enhance your mental performance.

-Be more productive at work.

-Cease the signs of premature aging.

-and much more…

For more about this step-by-step system that cures insomnia naturally and

effectively without any sleeping pills, please refer to


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