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Tired? Get Up and Get Moving!

Updated on July 27, 2012

More Excercise = More Energy

If you’ve been feeling tired lately, there is obviously a reason for it and it may be simpler to remedy than you think. The most obvious reason for being tired is a lack of sleep either as a fault of yourself or some uncontrollable reason such as long hours at work, kids, or too many things to achieve at home. What ever the reason is, there is hope that you can feel more relaxed and rested.

Years ago, I spent many long hours (60-70 hours a week) working sometimes on the night shift and I noticed one thing after a while. When I sat down on the couch at home or tried to relax because I felt exhausted I immediately became sleepy no matter where I was. I even include a hard shopping mall bench in this. I could have sprawled out and slept right there even with all the commotion. I’m sure many can relate to this feeling of physical exhaustion.

While feeling almost constant exhaustion, I wasn’t quite running a lot yet, only a couple times a week. As I picked up the frequency of my workouts, I noticed I suddenly had more energy when normally I would have felt tired. Funny thing to think that as I was technically working my body more, I was actually feeling like I had more energy during the day.

I began to not feel as sleepy as I had when I wasn’t working out as much. I was wondering whether there was a correlation between exercising more and feeling more energetic. After a bit of research I realized that I was producing more endorphins in my body which gave me a certain natural high. I am convinced this high lasted for a while even after I was finished with my running and workouts. This “high” was a combination of chemicals in my body as well as the mental state of accomplishment. I knew I had to keep going to keep feeling the way I was feeling. Good!

Now don’t misconstrue and think that I was never again tired. I felt tired physically after running for a long time only because I was breaking down my body during the miles passing under my feet. Obviously the body needs to recuperate the muscle tissues after a hard workout session and sleep is a requirement of this process. But as I worked out and as my body repaired itself through sleep I was getting stronger and I had more energy. My body was adapting to the movement mode and I was definitely feeling better than when I didn’t workout as much. It was a progression thing that was building upon itself.

My overall conclusion was I needed to stay moving, to stay active, and to eat right. After years of working out constantly and running events from 5k to marathon distance and beyond, I know that a person who moves will feel better overall. See for yourself. Give it a try. Get off that couch and show yourself what you can accomplish. You may be surprised.


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    • Backyard Flare profile image

      Dan Heston 5 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      SidKemp, great point. It is truly amazing what the power of movement has. Thanks for the great comment.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      This works. One note: For those who might be ill, so that running or muscle-building is not an option, this works even with gentle walking and stretching. And, when we can't do that, deep breathing and gentle movement will help. Whatever our current level of ability, breathing and getting exercise helps us feel better and get more energy. I've used this to recover from an illness where, initially, I couldn't walk 100 feet, up to where I could walk 10 miles!