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Tired of Life as a Youth: Any Need to Keep Going?

Updated on November 30, 2017
A frustrated and tired young woman thinking of the next step to take.
A frustrated and tired young woman thinking of the next step to take. | Source

Yes, there is a need to keep going. Because tomorrow is still going to bear fruits and there are yet unannounced results. Giving up at that point will not change anything positively. That point you wanted to give up may be close to your restoration period. So, never give up in any way.

I don't know the magnitude of challenge you are battling with at this moment which you are reading this piece, but, what am telling you is that tomorrow is still pregnant. You don't even know the product of the pregnancy. So I advise you to keep on going. Some youths in the time of disorganization in life think their reign was over. Frustration is around but endurance can be a good cure.
An ex-Roman Catholic seminarian narrated his story on how he was expelled from seminary school. He said that a letter was delivered to him saying that he had been expelled from the school. When he asked why the answer given to him by the rector was that he was always doing things on his own without involving others. The head added that because of that character of his, that no one knows what he always has in mind.
He asked himself, "is this really happening in the real world or am I dreaming?" Later, he found out that it was happening for real and he was not dreaming in any way.
According to the young man, he felt like taking poison because his long time effort has been wasted. He would have started behaving like a madman because to him life has ended. He overstressed himself burning all the calories in his brain. He would have had brain drop because he has only a few years to be ordained a priest.
But, will killing himself because the seminary school expelled him change anything? The truth is that it will not in any way. There are many youths that are tired of life because they have had so many bitter experiences. But of the truth is that these mountains can be surmounted.

Do not embrace the World with Your Two Hands

Picture of a tired young man. He was confused about life.
Picture of a tired young man. He was confused about life. | Source

The truth is that nothing lasts forever. Do not embrace anything with your entire life. That which you put all your hope in may fail you one day. So, be selfless in anything you hope in.
That your brother is one of the richest young men in your community is not a guarantee that he will give you a full financial support to start up life when you are done with your education. Please don't embrace him as your helper. Start on time to have a personal plan for yourself for brighter tomorrow ahead.
There are many mad people in various cities of the world. Some of them were once normal and well to do. Sometimes, their madness came when something they had great trust in failed them.
An example is a man whose multi-million dollars goods fall into an ocean and the whole goods not recoverable again. Because he has all his hope and trust in such material things, the next alternative becomes madness, suicide, or drinking of poison. That is because he chose to embrace material things with his two hands. As a youth, you do not have to place all your trust in material things. When you have all your trust in material things, a tragic incident can make you become tired of life.

Live simple and humbled

Simplicity is a common word but its inculcation will make you live better and take this world as nothing. A youth who lives a simple life is not heavily moved when an unexpected happens. He sees his acquired wealth and titles as not being his own.
A simple youth when it seems nothing is going as planned keeps making effort and believing for brighter tomorrow. Even when it seems he is tired of life keeps on exploring other options that may build him up tomorrow.
When he seeks for a job, he does not fix his mind that he must get a job that worth five hundred thousand US dollars monthly or otherwise nothing. Instead, he picks the available job to build his earnings later. Be a simple youth and you will not be frustrated in life.

Do not in any way hang your shoulders very high. This is what many youths do. They claim they are this or that while they have nothing. They sometimes claim that their fathers own so many mansions when they were still undergraduates. And when they finally graduated, they become tired because they could not prove to their mates in the school then what they claimed they were. Because they want to meet up with what they claimed to their mates they were, they kept on loosing employment opportunities. They needed highly paying jobs. Be a simple youth and build yourself to greater person tomorrow.

A tired youth that slept off with his cups of alcoholic drink.
A tired youth that slept off with his cups of alcoholic drink. | Source

Involve God

God is a great motivator. At that point when you lack knowledge on what to do, He pours ideas and inspirations into you. He is a spirit and can root you spiritually before the physical manifestation of your greatness.

Even if you are tired as a youth, there is a need to keep going. Keep going and involve God. Tired as a youth? One of the major weapons and great person you need is God. No man is made without him. Involving God in that your situation as a youth will go a long way to making you see a good positive change in that condition you find yourself.

Human strength is not always enough. You need the person (God) that has the power to change things overnight to assist you. Whether you have tried every means or not, just try God and see if there will be no positive change. Never get tired my follow youth. Put the ideas discussed here into practice and good results are achievable.


Committing suicide will not solve the problem you are passing through right now. Disturbing yourself much will not effect any much positive change at all. So, stop having bitterness towards your own self. I am a living testimony and I passed through hard times. I advise that you take the information presented here and research for other good articles.


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