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To Barack Obama: Thank You For Giving Me a Bit of Hope

Updated on March 23, 2010
March 23, 2010 - President Barack Obama Signs Revolutionary New Health Care Bill!
March 23, 2010 - President Barack Obama Signs Revolutionary New Health Care Bill!

Today, President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an historic piece of legislation that will expand health insurance coverage to include millions of Americans, and stop some of the worst health insurance industry practices.

To Barack Obama:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very ill and unable to work. I have gone without medical, dental, and vision care for the past 6 years. Thanks to you, hopefully now, I will be able to get Medicaid and be able to see a doctor, and also get my medications. If Senators Mitch McConnell & Bunning are not allowed to outlaw the new Bill in my state of Kentucky, that is. They are certainly doing their best to make sure Kentuckians will continue to go without health care.

To those who don't know: Barely ANY job offers health benefits in the state of Kentucky, Medicaid coverage is severely limited, and there are no free health care clinics, only ones that assess for WIC and give mammograms, and do nothing else.

Can you please work on faster and more efficient processing of Disability Claims in the Social Security Administration? I have been waiting for 2 1/2 years this go around, and been told it may be another whole year of waiting with no income and no medical care before I get an ALJ hearing. I can't survive much longer - I have already lost my home and am homeless and doing without medical care and all my medications.

All who are bad-mouthing Mr. Obama: Why are you so against human beings receiving medical care? What is wrong with you, anyway? You had no problem giving crooked bankers trillions, and trillions more to kill innocent people in the Middle East. You are a shame to humanity and need to grow some compassion. America will advance despite your idiocy.

Yes, maybe there are some things about this Bill that are not right - I don't like the part about penalizing people for not buying Health Insurance, either, and it probably IS unconstitutional. But the only reason it is there, is because the health insurance lobbyists, and the Republican recipients of BIG BRIBES PUT it there!

The bill provides for sliding-scale subsidized health care plans for those who earn from $14,000 to $36,000, and you will be able to get AFFORDABLE health insurance. And those earning less than $14,000 will get Medicaid that has been denied to single people with no children and under the age of 65 forever. Why would you NOT avail yourself of health insurance under these greatly improved conditions? You would have to be stupid not to.

To those who are already able to pay high health insurance premiums: this does not affect you in the slightest so what are you complaining about?

Finally, finally! There will be health care for America's poor and sick.

God Bless You, Mr. Barack Obama. I had almost lost hope. But now I have a little. Thanks to you, hopefully I will not be forced to DIE because of a lack of medical care and my essential medications that I need to live.

Thanks for giving me my life back. I apologize for not trusting you.

To the rest of you: You are all spitting into the wind, and get over it!

How the new Health Care Bill will affect you.


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  • danielthorne profile image

    danielthorne 6 years ago

    The government cannot force people to buy therefore the whole thing is unconstitutional...and without a law mandating it so the whole thing will collapse...

  • Angela Blair profile image

    Angela Blair 6 years ago from Central Texas

    First of all, I'm so sorry about your health problems and hope Obamacare is the answer for you to have a better and more productive life -- which is/should be the right of every American citizen. I have read the Bill and it is a pronounced death sentence for me and those my age -- over 70 -- should we need serious health care. I've already experienced a Medicare change in relation to my opthamologist -- seems one's sight is expendable now. I sincerely hope this Bill, if the Supreme Court upholds it, will be beneficial to those needing health care as I'm aware of a definite need in this country for change -- I'd just have preferred the Bill served all of us and excluded no one because of age. Good Hub and enjoyed all the comments. Best/Sis

  • profile image

    mcals71 6 years ago

    Great hub, and great comments. About time someone said something nice about the great man that is our American President. I was rooting for Universal Health Care, but I will take whatever helps improve the failed system we had before President Obama signed his Health Care reform. President Obama did what he could with what he had and I applaud him for that. I travelled extensively all my life. People outside of the U.S. never worry about what's going to happen to them if they get sick, and are out of work. In Germany, for example, everybody with a job pays a Krankenkasse or health tax. It's taken out automatically and it shows on the pay stub. This allows everyone in the Country to receive health care. You can choose the doctor or dentist you like for yourself and your dependents. It's all covered. Health Care is considered a basic human right everywhere in the world, but here in the U.S. it's considered a commodity.

  • saif113sb profile image

    saif113sb 7 years ago

    Long time in coming! Thanks Mr. Obama!

  • rickzimmerman profile image

    rickzimmerman 7 years ago from Northeast Ohio

    MagicStarER: Great hub: we all need hope in todays medical care industry. I am also celebrating reaching my 500th Hub with a special holiday greeting to my followers! May this Festive Season bring you Warmth, Friendship and Happiness, no matter when or how or with whom you celebrate! To add to your holiday merriment, I offer all of my hubs devoted to this time of year: All About Santa; The Polar Bear; Kris Kringle, the College Years; An Alphabetical Christmas; All About the North Pole; Enjoy Reindeer; and, of course, Little-Known Santas No. 1 through No. 17! Enjoy!

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 7 years ago

    I wish there were folks up there who really wanted a change. It's clogging up and backing up. I wanted him to do well. It looks like he's surrounded by opposition.

  • justom profile image

    justom 7 years ago from 41042

    The shameful thing about all of it is that we are making wealthcare a big business. Insurance in general is nothing more than fraud. Unemployment is rampant with the glaring exception of the wealthcare field. Most of the construction going on now is more doctors offices so we can get teasted for everything and anything they think we need. As for SSI good luck, that process is bogged down and abused by too many folks that really shouldn't be getting it but know how to work the system which causes folks like you, that really need it, to go without. I'm probably the most left wing person you never met and was really pulling for O'bama but I think politics get in the way of either party doing the right thing. I live in Kentucky too and can't believe how backward the state still is in many ways but with Mitch and now Rand I don't think ther's much of a chance things will get better anytime soon. Peace!! Tom

  • profile image

    Howard Schneider 7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

    Hi MagicStarER. I'm sorry to hear about your predicament and I hope you have been helped by this over the past 4 months. I didn't know that Kentucky was so bad about providing healthcare to it's citizens either through employment or government. That is truly a shame. The Obama plan is just a beginning but i hope it can help those who are at the end of their rope such as yourself. The plan is watered down due to compromise but it's a start. This is the richest and most advanced country and people still go bankrupt and without medical care. It's truly a disgrace. I hope this begins to change now. Good luck to you.

  • saddlerider1 profile image

    saddlerider1 8 years ago

    For a country that is classified as a Super Power I am shocked that medicare did not come sooner. USA needs to show their citizens that they stand behind their health care giving. It will be a slow and difficult process to educate the opposition. But I believe every Americans will benefit in the long run. England and Canada are just two that come to mind who have free medicare, sure it may be reflected in taxes they pay, but hell at least they know when they need medical assistance they don't have to sell their first born to pay for it. Magicstar thank you for the posting, I wish you good health and peace.

  • katiem2 profile image

    katiem2 8 years ago from I'm outta here

    MagicStarER, I am very impressed with Barack Obama and will maintain the most positive thoughts, hopes, affirmations and prayers for you and healing with everything working in your favor. Thanks and Peace ;)

  • Michael Shane profile image

    Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

    I hope you get the care & insurance you need soon!

  • lorlie6 profile image

    Laurel Rogers 8 years ago from Bishop, Ca

    I completely agree with you, Magic, and am thrilled that you have written such a moving hub.

  • amillar profile image

    amillar 8 years ago from Scotland, UK

    In the UK, we have the NHS (National Health Service). Even the most rampant right wing Tories wouldn’t dare trying to take the NHS from the electorate. That doesn’t mean that it’s safe, they’re always trying to chip away at it one way or another. They can always find money when it suits them - because money is just a device.

  • profile image

    Sciantel 8 years ago

    I have heard good things about this man and bad things but every human has their faults and strengths. Hopefully our President will come through for us all in the end.

  • artrush73 profile image

    artrush73 8 years ago

    In other countries there is free medical care. People don't have to pay for health. But not here :(

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 8 years ago

    Long time in coming! Thanks Mr. Obama!

  • William F. Torpey profile image

    William F Torpey 8 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

    This is a good start, MagicStarER, but we have a long way to go to get the job done. We need single payer health care for everyone, and there's going to be a great deal of opposition to overcome to get it.

  • laurana1 profile image

    laurana1 8 years ago from Colorado, USA

    Oh, I meant to say this in my last comment... The reason everyone will be required to get health care is so that people don't take advantage of the system. For example, I'm in good health, young, etc... I may decide I didn't need health care and didn't want to pay for it. But then 10 years later, I find out I have cancer and immediately want health care, which would cost the company money. If everyone didn't have to have it, we would all wait until we got sick to get it, and the insurance companies would likely go broke. I don't really like it either, but I think it does make sense. =) Anyway, sorry if you already knew all that...

  • laurana1 profile image

    laurana1 8 years ago from Colorado, USA

    This Hub is really touching. I too am extremely proud of our country and our President for this! My roommate and I actually sat and watched as the vote was taken, hoping that we would get the magic number, and we cheered out loud when both bills passed! ^_^


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