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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, is the whole Vaxxer / Anti-Vaxxer war helping hide the truth?

Updated on April 12, 2015

Time to talk differently

I come from a medical science background and as such have always been very pro-vaccination but recently I have discovered a few things:

1. It is hard to find any really valid research on either side about the effect of current vaccines. You say you have reviewed some and I would love a list of links or paper titles that I may try to track down good research.

2. I am starting to believe that if in fact the big pharma have something to hide then the whole heated 2 camp Vaxxer/Anti-Vaxxer war is doing nothing to expose any problems. Now the science of vaccination is pretty damn solid. What I do believe is that maybe the mass production of vaccines may have big pharma hiding some short cuts that may well be endangering us. So the AV's being doggedly against "vaccination" has them easily portrayed as loonies as the basis of vaccination is scientifically sound. Now if there are problems inherent in the way vaccinations are produced and delivered then these AV's are helping big pharma as the average joe can see they are loony to be against protecting against these diseases. Thereby any deeper hidden issues are more easily kept deeply hidden!

So I see the only way to get to the bottom of this issue is a change of what the AV's are saying. I wonder if the early AV's were even against the pure science of vaccination but it has suited the BP to portray them this way and they have slipped to become like this. So how about we challenge the safety of the way these are produced, how about we employ the scientist that can prove vaccination works to prove if the vaccines produced are actually being done so safely?

I would love to attract some knowledgeable contributors here with some better information than can be found in the two camp fight we have so far. Is it possible?


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